Music, Arts, & Giving Back at Okeechobeefest!

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The weeks before Okeechobee Music Festival are always filled with anticipation. While its never comparable to the real thing, you may find delight in visualizing yourself walking through the doors in your new festival gear, ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

You might also fantasize about moments that are too good to be true, but as OMF has proven in the past, anything is possible. The Okeechobee crew continues to work on new initiatives that set its festival apart from the rest.


Okeechobee Eco Friendly ImageThis year, Okeechobee Music Festival is introducing a new dynamic to the festival experience that will focus entirely on raising awareness of issues ranging from local to global magnitude. It’s called Participation Row, and its goal is to encourage festival goers to get involved with programs and organizations benefitting humanity.

Okeechobee Music Festival aims to emphasize the importance of being morally active in a community and to motivate one to take social action. Participation Row will be located inside the festival grounds thanks to the resources provided by OMF and its non-profit contributors, HeadCount and Clean Energy Advisors.

HeadCount is an organization whose mission is to make voting registration as simple and fun as possible for young Americans and music fans. Recognizing the power of association, it takes a non-conventional approach to voter registration by making it available to people inside of the festival. That way, they can practice being active citizens without having to leave the festival atmosphere that they love.

Clean Energy Advisors advocates the use of renewable energy and assists its partners in making steps towards becoming eco-friendly. Its concern for Mother Earth has earned it respect amongst its festival partners.  Its initiatives contribute to the global advancement of going green.

Most of us view music festivals as an escape from reality. We are seduced by the opportunity to be free of the world’s problems, even if it’s only temporary. There’s just something liberating about knowing you can do whatever you want at a festival without affecting life in the real world. Despite this allure, these issues should not be ignored, even at a festival.

Okeechobee Music Festival believes we can improve reality through our actions made within the festival. The amazing folks who plan the event work hard to create an environment that inspires us to make a difference in our life and the lives of others.

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They might agree with the presumption that perhaps, it’s not the break from the reality that drives people to music festivals. It’s the subconscious search for a true purpose in life that can only be discovered by means of a spiritual transformation.

At Okeechobee Music Festival, you get a chance to meet the person you’re ultimately meant to be and to realize the potential you have in making a difference in this world.

The Okeechobee Festival does a tremendous job at leading by example through their numerous partnerships with non-profit organizations. The people behind OMF go above and beyond expectations by expressing concern for the well-being of not just their patrons, but individuals outside the community as well.

Learn more about the Okeechobee Festival’s non-profit partners, and be sure to check them out at Participation Row next month.

Being in existence for only one year, they have already created hundreds of local jobs and sparked an influx of over $15 million fueling the economy. The philanthropic efforts of the Okeechobee Music Festival help to build an industry that embraces philanthropy and promotes the unification of multiple entities in order to benefit all the inhabitants of this amazing world we live in.

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