Top Rave Babes to Follow on Instagram


There are a few types of people that attend music festivals and our favorite is always the rave babes. Rave babes are females who radiate peace, love, unity, and respect (PLUR). They can be found on the outskirts of a stage shuffling or flowing and/or front row on someone’s shoulders for their favorite DJ.

Their outfits are bright, colorful, and usually planned out far in advance. But what these outfits lack in coverage, they make up for in glitter and high spirits.

Since rave babes are such a huge part of the festival experience, we’ve created a list of all the best rave babes to follow on Instagram.


Janelle Elizabeth changes her hair color to match her style and we are loving it! She DJs so you know she’s got great taste in music. Oh and she’s homies with Alison Wonderland


Annette has helped us grow our Fractal Family Promotions Team and has a special place in our heart. She enjoys raving with her festival family and loves flowing with our space whip.


Stream queen is our feature rave babe and loves Ultra and it’s clear to see why. She appears on the live stream constantly and feels at home in Miami. She has so much energy it radiates from her and she’s been in just about every DJ’s video from Ultra 2017.


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This rave babe has gone out in Vegas and been to EDC Las Vegas, Middlelands, Something Wonderful, etc. You name it, her and her hubby are there. We love seeing rave couples stay strong together during the inevitable tough times at a fest.


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Heaven Tucker lives in Portland, Oregon and works directly for USC Events! Talk about a dream job girl. She’s 24 years young and spreading the love no matter where the festivals take her. She’s our pastie princess.


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Ash is from sunny San Diego. Her most recent festival was Lightning in a Bottle and her most recent show was Deamau5 so we give her taste in music a 100.


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Em has been pumped about EDC Las Vegas for awhile now. This past year marks her 9th year at the Speedway. Her captions are sweet and heartfelt and you can feel the love when she talks about her rave family.


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Netty received almost 50 K views on her most recent video from EDC Las Vegas. This Florida beach babe has been to Sunset, Ultra, and EDC Orlando. Plus her and her boo thang are just too cute.


Puffball Princess is the definition of fit fam. She’s so bubbly and positive and feeling all the love from EDC Vegas this year. She has some of the cutest outfits featuring pom poms and fringe wherever possible. 


Morgan Jenkins is one of our personal favs. She’s a hooper and is part of the Hooptown Hotties crew. This girl loves to collab with other hoopers and teach all over the country about the fun of flow arts. She works on a TV show too!


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Melissa looks fly for every festival not just because she’s smoking but because she does the most beautiful makeup. She’s a beauty blogger and a rave babe and a lot of her insta features different looks and these things are a work of art.


Jessica loves 3 things; fitness, lifestyle, and bass music so we think it’s clear why she’s perfect for our list. Plus Yellowclaw loves her too! Find her raving at EDC Las Vegas, Beyond Wonderland, and Nocturnal Wonderland this September.


Abigal Castro is our shuffling queen and you’ll see why. She’s got a shuffling style all her own and she went viral when she was crushing it at EDC Orlando this year. 

Final Thoughts

That’s it for our list of the Top Rave Babes to Follow on Instagram. Have a favorite rave babe or someone who you want to see in our eyewear? Let us know in the comments below! Keep calm and rave on babes.

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