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No paperwork, authorization, or account required when purchasing bulk from GloFX. Mix and match any quantity of any products. When ordering wholesale, you must reach tier 1 quantities for tier 1 pricing. If you do not meet tier 1 pricing, please add 15% to the tier 1 price. Limited Edition, Exclusive, and Custom Products are not available for discounted pricing to wholesale-only buyers.

Premier Resellers

Buyer information and reseller authorization required. Premier Resellers may purchase quantities of any products beneath tier 1 quantity and still receive tier 1 pricing. Mix and match colors and styles to reach higher tier bulk discounts of similar products. Resellers receive free access to our digital media to aid in the sale of GloFX products! Request an application today!

GloFX Distributors

GloFX Distributors may request exclusive selling zones, custom manufactured products, additional media rights and more! Access to additional packaging options and services such as 24-hour wholesale shipping times and special delivery. Purchase Limited Edition items and new products prior to release. Distributors receive free promotional items when available. Each distributor request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

GloFX Drop Shipping

Our full service drop shipping program allows you to sell our products from your website without ever touching them! Make money the easy way and let us do the hard work for you. We’ll ship your orders in record breaking time! Request an application today to begin making money with a reliable and trustworthy drop ship vendor! We provide all pictures, content, and media. Learn More.

GloFX Wholesale Diffraction Glasses
GloFX Wholesale Laser Pointers
GloFX Wholesale LED Orbits

GloFX Wholesale LED and Glow Products

Our LED and Glow Products include

GloFX Wholesale Diffraction Glasses

Our Glasses Products Include


  • Paper & Cardboard Diffraction Glasses
  • Kids Sized Dimensional Eyewear
  • Promotional Printed Glasses
  • Hard Plastic & True Flex PVC Framework
  •  EL Wire Glasses
  • Specialty and Limited Edition Models
  • Custom Lens Design and Branding
  • OEM Framework Manufacturing
  • Custom Design Specs Welcome


  • Line Diffraction
  • Spiral Diffraction
  • Double & Triple Diffraction
  • Dual-Pane Lens Technology
  • Advanced Laser Etched Lenses
  • Crystal Glass Kaleidoscope Lenses
  • 3D and 3Diffraction Anaglyph Lenses
  • Dimensional and Special Effect Lenses


Aside from our wide range of bulk LED and Glow products, GloFX is also proud to design, engineer and manufacture the worlds leading line of Diffraction Glasses and Kaleidoscope Glasses. The GloFX Glasses selection comprises over 250,000 customizable variations and 250 styles giving every customer exactly what they desire. GloFX is also the only company offering custom and exclusive designs that are available in limited quantities. With a bulk production capacity rate of approximately 250,000-1,000,000 pieces (based on model) of Diffraction Glasses per month, no client is too big- nor is any client too small. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service and want to add you to our enormous base of satisfied wholesale clientele!

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We are proud to offer wholesale and bulk pricing on all of our products! From LED & Glow Products to Diffraction Glasses and beyond, our selection of nearly 1,000 products is in stock and ready to ship! Our staff and all of our products are housed in our warehouse and facilities in Tallahassee, Florida. We are proud to be a US manufacturer and supporter of the local economy.

Diffraction Glasses are named based on their principal function of diffracting lights through gradient etched lines. Ie: Light Diffraction. However, these off beat sunglasses are often times called by a variety of names including: Rave Glasses, Rainbow Shades, Fireworks Sunglasses, Aura Viewer Glasses, Prism Glasses, Kaleidoscope Optical, Diffraction Eyewear ( Or spelled refraction, defraction or difraction ) Light Show Viewers, Laser Glasses, Gradient Lenses, Kaleidoscopic Bifocals, Light Grating lenses, 3-D Glasses, Raver Shades, Rave Spectacles, Raven Optics, Trip Glasses, trippy Sunglasses and many other improperly coined dimensional eye wear terms.

We encourage anyone worldwide to consider our wholesale and bulk products. GloFX products are high quality and backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We are a manufacturer and have the ability to beat anyone’s pricing, and still guarantee quality! Whether you urge for the LED arts of Gloving or Orbiting with LED Gloves, Orbits, or Poi; or simply enjoy the fascinating colors found in Gloves, Diffraction Glasses, or Orbits, GloFX Wholesale is for you. Make money while loving what you do with our wide range of Glove Sets, Orbits, Laser, LED Poi, Diffraction Glasses and more! Our GloFX Glasses Lifetime Warranty now covers our Diffraction Glasses and nearly our entire selection of dimensional wholesale eyewear! If you think bulk or wholesale is for you, don’t hesitate and pick up the phone now!

NOTE: We do not permit the sale of GloFX products on any third party sites such as AMAZON.COM, EBAY.COM, ETSY.COM or other affiliate sites.



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