Wholesale Color Therapy Glasses

GloFX is the Leading Brand of Wholesale Color Therapy Mood Glasses. We have a full spectrum of colors available, along with customization and OEM design capabilities. We design, manufacture, and assemble our full line of products in Tallahassee, Florida, USA, and can expedite shipping worldwide. 

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    Wholesale Color Therapy Glasses

    • Therapeutic Benefits for the body and mind
    • UV400 Protection, Provides UVA and UVB Protection
    • 10 Different Color Options
    • High-quality PVC GloFX Ultimate Frame
    • Stainless Steel Hinges with Scratch-Resistant Lenses
    • Tinted Lenses With Color-Matching Frame

    Wholesale Color Therapy Glasses Benefits

    • Enhance Your Mood
    • Improve Creativity
    • Decrease Anxiety & Stress
    • and so much more!

    What is Color Therapy?

    Chromotherapy, widely known as Color Therapy, is the use of Colored light in helping the body to heal. Chromotherapy has been around for nearly 1,000 years, and has benefitted countless individuals. The theory is that your body ‘feeds’ on certain colors within the visible spectrum of light, and that each color is associated with a certain function, feeling, or emotion.


    GloFX Color Therapy Glasses harness the healing effects of colored light in high-quality, sleek design. GloFX Color Therapy Glasses come in 10 color options, each with their own specific benefits. All GloFX Color Therapy Glasses are made with durable PVC plastic and scratch-resistant lenses. These glasses are perfect for doctor’s offices, yoga studios, and healers that provide therapeutic medicine. GloFX Color Therapy Glasses can also provide great style to those looking for a unique pair of glasses.

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    GloFX Color Therapy Glasses

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    Wholesale Account Types

    Premier Reseller: First-time buyer? Small business? GloFX Premier Reseller solution is the best opportunity to access bulk pricing of Limited Edition products and more.

    Distributor: GloFX Distributor solutions are the go-to for larger businesses to acquire GloFX products for distribution and business growth. You must already be a Premier Reseller in order to join the GloFX Distribution Network.

    International Distribution Network Partner: For our overseas resellers, the International Distribution network is the best solution for gaining exclusive access to specific international regions. You must already be part of the GloFX Distribution Network.

    Basic Drop Shipping: Are you looking to sell GloFX products on your site? Reduce your overhead and expand inventory by opting into our Drop Shipping program. No minimum order required and subscription and set-up are free.

    Premier Drop Shipping: Is your Drop Shipping order volume growing? Become a GloFX Premier Drop Shipper and maximize your efficiency through automation. Also, receive seasonal benefits and promotions and premium account support. Minimum monthly ordering is required.

    Why GloFX?

    Our selection of over 1,000 products is in stock and ready to ship! Our staff and fulfillment center is located in Tallahassee, Florida, United States. We are proud to be a US manufacturer and supporter of the local economy. GloFX recently celebrated a milestone in the company’s history when it was recognized as an awardee of the “Top 50 Florida Companies to Watch” in 2016. GloFX was also named a winner of the Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award as the #1 Florida Manufacturer in its class in 2017!

    We encourage everyone to consider our wholesale and bulk products. Our Reseller Programs offer something for all businesses, big and small alike. GloFX products are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee and Product Warranties.

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