April Ambassador Spotlight – Flowmi

Hey everyone! Welcome to another GloFX Ambassador Spotlight for the month of April! We’re psyched to feature this incredible flow artist, who many of you may already know, Flowmi! Here is a brief interview for an inside scoop on the flow artist that we all know and love.

Tell us your name and where you’re from.

Omi, and I am from Toronto, ON. 

April Ambassador Spotlight - Flowmi Blue-Light

How long have you been flowing & how did you get started?

I started with shuffling when I went to my first EDM event in Montreal (Don Diablo) and saw so many people shuffling. I have been a dancer my whole life, so I was naturally drawn in by this style of dance. After having been to a few festivals and seeing flow artists, I decided to learn how to lightwhip as it seemed like the simplest way to transition from dance into flow arts. I am now going on year 5 of shuffling and year 4 of experimenting with several different flow arts.

April Ambassador Spotlight - Flowmi-spacewhip-red

What is your favorite type of flow art and why?

Leviwand because it makes me feel like a wizard, and I am obsessed with Harry Potter.

Where is your favorite environment to flow?

My personal studio or a festival

April Ambassador Spotlight - flowmi-spacewhip-red-close

Tell us about your favorite song or genre to listen to while flowing?

If I am shuffling, it needs to be dark techno, but if I am flowing with my props, dubstep! 

What or who inspires you in your flow art journey?

One of my first inspos for flow arts was Nicole (DivineRaver), and is still a major inspo for whipping. For wanding, I really love Lux Luminous because she isn’t afraid to be herself and is so creative! I also have many friends who inspire me daily in the flow arts community.

April Ambassador Spotlight - flowmi-spacewhip

Can you give us one piece of advice for beginners?

Do not let the fear of failure and anxiety of ‘sucking’ at something stop you because we were all once beginners, and you cannot become an expert at something without first being a beginner

Where can people follow you & watch you flow?





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