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Best Rave Glasses

Raves styles and trends are constantly evolving, and at GloFX our goal is to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible with Dimensional Rave Glasses. With the ability to customize your glasses to find the perfect, frame, lens, and effect that speaks to you, we have more options available than we can possibly count!

  • The top rave glasses all share some common traits:
  • They are trendy
  • Represent your personal style
  • Enhance the rave experience
  • Built with quality and care

Top 3 Reasons Glasses Enhance the Rave Experience

  1. Mind blowing visuals
  2. Enhance your style
  3. Adds “depth” to Poi and LED light shows

Why Choose GloFX Glasses?

At GloFX we take pride in our passion for diffraction and LED eyewear and we have since we began in 2009. GloFX has led the industry since it’s start, first introducing a pair of hard frame laser etched diffraction glasses in 2009. Every year since, more and more frames and lenses been released from GloFX. Since 2012, GloFX has been in high gear releasing multiple new models every month. Now offering the largest selection of diffraction frames and lenses available on the market, it should be obvious GloFX has the edge. Quality and craftsmanship are prime components of GloFX Glasses, along with renowned effects and styles you cannot find anywhere else. On top of that, we also offer an industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty also backed with our GloFX 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It’s doesn’t stop there, GloFX ships all orders within 24 hours, offers remarkable customer service, and holds the largest inventory to ensure your choice product is in stock.

Interested in Selling GloFX Rave Glasses?

GloFX is a manufacturer and offers bulk and wholesale pricing. Contact us at for a catalog or more information on wholesale rave glasses.