You need to get pumped up. Either make that extra lift or run that extra minute on the elliptical. That is why you need these new ten songs on your Spotify account: 1)Hardwell & MAKJ:Countdown 2)Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike:Project t Martin garrix remix 3)Super8 & Tab:The way you want 4)Dave Silcox:Voodoo 5)Mark Knight:Man with […]
6″ Glow Stick – ORANGE Every Halloween raver needs an orange companion. All GloFX Glow Sticks are factory fresh, military approved, and GUARANTEED to shine brighter than any other Glow Sticks around! Crack your glow stick and enjoy hours of fun! GloFX Diffraction Glasses – Kitty Pink What hello kitty outfit is complete without […]
EDM is a great success story. Just like every genre of popular music before it EDM has had a great rise to fame. It is continually growing and would not even be considered mainstream yet. But even so here is a list of the ten reasons it is so popular and will continue to rise […]
If you haven’t heard already there were two deaths from the 2013 Electric Zoo. Both were drug related and 21 people were arrested with possession of illegal drugs. The media created a firestorm over this blaming the festival for their lack of security and/or lack of checking. Some media outlets just blame electronic music as […]
Looking back at 2012. Five great EDM albums hardcore fans remember. Trust – TRST For the darker raver. Trust gave us a really good time with this dark themed song. It was insirpied by 80s goth and is a very dark, foggy, warehouse party feel. If you like the darker side of EDM this was […]
Here is our countdown of the best party spots in the world. Again, this is our opinion, we make fun of hate mail. 10) Melbourne Hands down the best party spot on their continent (that’s not saying much for the people who failed geography). Hundreds of bars and venues clutter the streets. They even thought […]
So this EDM event caught our eye. Happening in October at the MGM in Las Vegas is from European dance music event creators Sensation and their “Ocean of White” party. It’s mandatory you have to wear all white. The difference is they are having a Cirque du Soleil theme and if you have never been to […]