This mug is super cute, and something your mom can use every day! It’s only $14, and if you like STITCHandCABOODLE’s Facebook page by clicking here, you will get a 5% off coupon code. Click here to go to the website.     This personalized necklace is perfect for you and siblings to give […]
The EDM scene took a hit a couple days ago from Charles Manning, an editor at Cosmopolitan. Manning’s article, “15 Completely Insane Outfits You Can Only Wear At Coachella” discriminates every angle of EDM fashion and good vibes. It’s rather humorous that while you’re scrolling through the article reading his obvious inexperience when it comes […]
The Beginning Of The Krew Way back in 2007, before Krewella was killin’ it, Yasmine worked at a bookstore, Kris an ice cream shop and Jahan a waitress. Jahan was a choir girl who dreaded music theory lectures, Kris played guitar in a metal bands, and Yasmine a singer of an indie-rock band with some […]
Have you ever wondered why cracking a glow stick makes it glow? Each time you crack a glow stick a chemical reaction occurs. A glow stick is made up of three components: two chemicals (usually hydrogen peroxide and phenyl oxalate) when mixed release energy, and a fluorescent dye that turns this energy into light. The two […]
1. Get there early Good camping sites go quickly, and traffic gets heavier the closer it gets to the beginning of the festivities. Not only will you find a better camping spot, you will beat traffic and you will not have sit in any long lines.   2. Weather You never know exactly what the […]
Top Valentine’s Day Gifts For Ravers Customized Gloves Everyone loves a light show! Why not set yourself apart? Customize your gloves and make your next light show a unique blend of your own colors. Choose your favorite glove type & color, diffuser type, colors for each finger, palm lights and we will make it just […]
GloFX’s psychedelic glasses will blow your mind the moment you put them on. Watch the video below for a glimpse of the rainbow experience! Nothing takes your vision to another level than seeing the world through prismatic lenses. The newest addition to the GloFX family of scientifically polarized glasses is here, and sure to keep […]
The dance and electronic music scene is growing rapidly and producing more hit songs and albums than ever before. This genre was not always so successful though. The electronic/dance music category wasn’t born into the Grammys until 1998, which is thirty-nine years after the first Grammy Awards Ceremony. The year of 1998 and 1999, Daft […]
Looking for something cool, new, and fun? Yet still reminds you of your childhood playing with bit pixel games like the first Atari, Nintendo and Gameboy? Check out a GloFX Partner who is bringing back the past with remarkable bluetooth technology! Watch the videos and view the funding project on below: LED Pixel […]
Five of the best EDM shows you need to attend during 2014 Make sure you kick off your New Year’s right and start planning for all of the events you are upset you missed out on in 2013. So cheers to the New Year and to the five best EDM shows you should not miss […]
A tribute to Paul Baumer If you haven’t heard Paul Bäumer, one of the EDM duo Bingo Players, passed away from cancer December 17th 2013. Maarten Hoogstraten broke the news on Facebook. His quote is below: “I’m deeply saddened to tell you that Paul passed away last night after his battle with cancer, he fought […]