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Remix Troubleshooting

Check out our troubleshooting tips or watch our Space Whip Remix Programming Video below for some self-help. You can also download our Remix User Guide.

I just opened my whip and it will not turn on, help!

Your whip may be in lock mode!
1. Rapidly click the button for multiple seconds (up to 8 seconds).
2. If this does not do the trick, make sure your battery is fully charged & is inserted with the nubby end (+) facing towards the fibers.
3. Still not turning on? Submit a contact form and our stellar team of people pleasers will get you taken care of!

My fibers seem dull, got any tips?

1. Make sure your whip’s battery is fully charged, then perform a factory reset to get your colors back to full brightness in the factory default colors.
2. To perform a factory reset, while the light is off > Hold the button for 6 seconds or release on red > LED will flash 2 times > Short cycle between red and green > To factory reset hold button on red > To cancel reset hold button on green
3. Also, be sure to keep your fibers nice and clean to ensure the lights can shine brightly through the whole strand! Check out the whip care section below for details.

I think I’m missing some colors, how do I get them back?

Since #1 in the color chart will be a blank, this may have been selected when programming your current color set. Following the instructions on how to program a new color set in your whip and be sure to select #2+ to show color in each of the 3 available slots OR perform a factory reset to get back to the factory default settings.

Whip Care

What is the safest way for me to clean my whip?

We want to make sure you know everything there is to know about your whip. Check out our Flow Art Learning Center for LED Fiber Optic whips so you can keep your beloved whip like new for a long long time.

Why am I losing fibers?

Losing a few fibers when your whip is brand new can be worrisome, but totally normal! We make sure each fiber head is as full as possible when leaving our facility & once you start to twist and turn this whip around while practicing your awesome moves, a couple of these fibers are going to wiggle their way out to create a more comfortable and fluid flow. If you have more questions about whip care, Submit a contact form to our awesome support team for all the info you need!

What’s the best way to store my whip?

Keep your whip in a dry space away from excessive heat or cold. We highly recommend keeping your whip in a separate bag from your belongings in order to keep your fibers safe.

Whip Warranty

What is covered and for how long?

We proudly offer a 30-DAY WORRY-FREE PROMISE. If your Space Whip Product leaves you unsatisfied or fails for any reason within the first 30 days after your item is delivered, we will repair, replace, or exchange it at no charge to you.
Outside of 30 Days? No worries! All Space Whip Products are covered under our LIFETIME WARRANTY, no matter when or where you purchased them from. This is going to cover all manufacturing defects related to the electronic components of the product or damage caused during delivery. For more warranty information visit our Space Whip warranty page.

How can I file a claim?

Easy! Contact and please provide your Order ID and a video/image of the issues you are experiencing and our awesome team of people pleasers will help you with the process.

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