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What is an LED Fiber Optic Whip?GloFX Space Whip Remix Gallery 4

An LED Fiber Optic Whip is an advanced flow toy created by attaching multiple strands of fiber optic cabling to an LED powerhouse. The colorful light emitted from the powerhouse then travels to the end point of each fiber strand to create a burst of light. Fiber Optics Whips are commonly used for dancing at raves, EDM festivals, flow arts, and stage performances.

If you’ve ever been to an EDM festival or rave before, chances are you’ve come across someone holding an LED device that covers the user in a shroud of luminescent particles which seem to be alive. It is called a Space Whip, and this one-of-a-kind Fiber Optic Whip toy wouldn’t be possible without the use of fiber optic strands.

LED Fiber Optic Space Whips

With a simple change in the hue of light passing through, fiber optic whips can create a vortex of vibrant colors soaring through the air. This is how they are used in fiber optic Space Whips.

Multiple strands of fibers are attached by their ends to a light-producing base. The base then shines the light in the direction of the strands. Instantly, the light spreads through the Space Whip and suddenly the LED toy becomes a spectacle for everyone in its presence.

GloFX Space Whip Remix Gallery 1

Contrary to its name, a fiber optic whip isn’t meant to be whipped. The most impressive Space Whip visuals come from flow artists tracing themselves with the fibers, gently caressing the fibers along their bodies.

The base of a Space Whip can have another group of strands protruding from the other side. Similar to a staff, the user can spin them to create amazing effects.

The main purpose of the fiber optic whip is to complement the flow of the artist who uses it. Space Whips are able to adapt to various methods of use.

Each artist has their own personal style. There is no right or wrong way to use a Space Whip. Space Whips will almost never repeat the same motions simply due to the unpredictable nature of the fibers. It’s a unique blend of chaos and tranquility when watching a flow artist perform with a fiber optic whip.

The Nature of Whipping

Fiber optic whips are a product of the 21st-century flow community. Through the development of fiber optic light technology, we have developed an instrument that delights the senses of the mind and body. Using a fiber optic whip through body tracing or outward movements one finds a unique flow that cannot be found elsewhere. The combination of the lights, color, and movement of the long fibers exemplifies fine workmanship in development as well as design. If you have not yet experienced a fiber optic whip and the hypnotic effect it has on everyone that experiences it, we urge to introduce yourself. The fastest growing flow art is whipping, and if you ask one of the thousands of exuberant whippers out there, they’ll assure you that it is here to stay.

Customization of Fiber Optic Space Whips

Each flow artist can customize their Space Whip to match their style and height.  Users can select the features of their whip by choosing different options for their fiber type and fiber length. Customizable allows a flow artist to have a Space Whip that flows perfectly with their body and specialized moves. It is important to consider all design options because unless the flow toy can be comfortably used by the artist, the visual effects of it won’t matter. When it comes to flow arts, the functionality of the prop is equally important to its aesthetics.

GloFX Space Whip Remix Sparkle Fiber Featured Image

Fiber Type

End Glow Nano Fiber is a thinner fiber with a diameter of .75 mm, allowing more densely pack fiber bundles. These fibers maintain a constant level of brightness throughout the strand up until the light reaches the tip. While Nano Fiber features smaller points of light than regular fiber, it produces a much larger quantity.

EndGlow Shielded Fiber is the newest material in fiber optic technology. This fiber option is created by applying a shielding coat around End Glow Nano Fibers to create a total diameter of 1.5mm. The fibers are shielded to withstand the most intense flow sessions and allow for less tangling and easy cleaning. Space Whip Pro-S creates insanely bright points of light at each fiber end tip!

Fiber Length

Space Whips can be designed to have different lengths depending on where the fiber is cut, ranging from 3 to 6 feet. Flow artists choose different lengths depending on their own height as well as the amount of space where they plan to perform.

Whip Type

Singles consist of one powerhouse that has one fiber head attachment. These are the most common whips available to flow artists.

Doubles consist of two powerhouses that have one fiber head attachment each and are connected at the base by an adaptor. The Double Whips allow for more staff style techniques and create an ever larger show.  The bonus is these whips can be separated into two Single Whips!

Poi Sets consist of two Single Whips that are trimmed down and each has a double loop handle attached to the base. The Poi Sets allow for traditional poi style techniques to be used in a new flow prop.

Techniques Used In Light Whipping

There are multiple ways to Flow with your Space Whip. A specific technique that is used is body tracing. A few body tracing techniques are…

  • Infinity Wraps
  • Neck Wraps
  • Up and Over Chest Wrap
  • Down Under Chest Wrap
  • Big Spin Over Arm
  • Up Over to Big Arm
  • Stomach Wraps
  • Leg Wraps

Light Whipping is such a new Flow Art that new moves are being created almost daily. Get creative with your Space Whip and how you use it!

Future Of Whipping

As Light Whipping becomes more visible in the Flow Arts community, manufacturer investment in the production of fiber optic instruments is growing. New types of fiber optic whips are being designed regularly and more advanced technology is being introduced into programming systems.

If you are a pioneer of Light Whipping, you already know how far the Flow Art and the instrument itself, have advanced in the past five years.  

Light Whipping is such a new Flow Art that new moves are being created almost daily. Get creative with your Space Whip and how you use it. There are also many communities across multiple platforms online where Light Whippers can share their moves with each other to further the develop the art form.

Whip Maintenance

Good whip maintenance should always be practiced in order to keep your prop in tip-top shape. Here are some tips on how to keep your whip as good as new!

    • Keep your whip in a carrying case. We suggest designating a backpack that you can carry with you at events as to not damage your whip when it is not in use.
    • Braiding your whip fibers. When you first get your whip the fibers have been meticulously braided to create the effect of one cohesive whip. Some whippers choose to split their fibers as to create a “split whip” that can be used for Poi-like flow techniques. This method can be tricky because the fibers will begin to split more and more. Regularly braiding your whip fibers together can help keep your whip in the style that you prefer.
  • Keep it clean! Whips have a tendency to attract dust particles that are in the air. This is normal, but you’ll want to be sure to clean your fibers with mild soap and warm water, but have a lubricant handy after cleaning to keep your fibers smooth. You can order Flow Grease HERE.  Check out this awesome tutorial on how to use our specialized Flow Grease!

Why Use GloFX LED Space Whips?

GloFX Space Whips are designed to resist the elements, both natural and human. The housing is beautifully anodized to prevent rust or corrosion and is shaped in an ergonomically contoured design to fit in your hand. 

The Space Whip Pro Series features a Programmable microchip giving you 34 vibrant color choices with 13 custom display modes. You can choose any 1, 2, or 3 colors and select from the 3 levels of brightness to create your own unique color palette!

We are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Space Whips. All Space Fiber Products are covered under our LIFETIME WARRANTY, no matter when or where you purchased them. We are so confident in our line of Space Fiber Products that we proudly offer a 30-DAY WORRY FREE PROMISE. If your Space Fiber Product leaves you unsatisfied or fails for any reason within the first 30 days after your item is delivered, we will repair, replace, or exchange it at no charge to you.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the 30-Day Promise & Lifetime Warranty.

We provide free rush shipping on all Space Whips delivering inside the USA! Your whip will be rush packaged and shipped via USPS Priority Mail with an expected delivery time of 2-3 days anywhere in the 50 States. You must select the free shipping option at checkout* READ MORE.

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