GloFX Wholesale Reseller Center News and updates

[February 15, 2017] – Online Reseller Center Launches! 

Our dedicated team of developers and engineers have worked day-in and day-out for months to bring you a brand new wholesale experience centered around the Online Reseller Center! This hub connects you to a private sector of our site available only to GloFX Resellers.  Explore its many pages to find product information, tools, tips, and endless resources to help increase sales and exposure for your business!

Actions you can take:

  • Browse our newest catalogs and order forms, year-around
  • Get exclusive deals and promotions
  • Capitalize on trending products
  • Acquire media for re-use such as images, logos, videos, and more!
  • Enter new programs such as our “Distributor Promotional Advertising Program”
  • Gain access to product information and learning center
  • Brush up on our policies and guidelines
  • Enjoy new resources and materials


[February 13, 2017] – Important Reseller Updates and Notices for 2017 

Along with our launch, please note the following important updates to our reseller programs. A mutual understanding of these new protocols will guarantee success!

  • The new order minimum is $450 for all orders. There are no exceptions to this policy. We appreciate you understanding that our costs of doing business have risen over the past years, requiring an upscale. 
  • GloFX will continue to prohibit the sale of GloFX products on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, as well as any other third-party e-commerce websites.  
  • We have done our best to combat rising shipping costs, but due to uncontrollable rate increases from USPS, UPS, and other couriers, we expect to see a 5-15% rise in shipping costs in 2017. 
  • We have introduced eCheck as the primary payment method. Your wholesale account representative will provide all details. 


[February 07, 2017] – Discontinued Product Notice

A constant goal for GloFX is to maintain superior-quality, top-selling, and premium products for its Resellers. Because of this, we must occasionally discontinue products that do not meet sales expectations, quality standards, or for other unforeseen reasons. Thus, the following products are being discontinued from all Reseller sales channels and Drop Shipping channels…

  • All FlowToys Products except Podpoi and Toroflux
  • Holographic Hats
  • Microlight Necklace
  • Kids Mini Sock Poi
  • Kids Microlight Poi
  • 1Mode Ball Poi
  • 1Mode Sock Poi
  • Triple Action Green Laser
  • Glo Laser Shirt
  • 10 Mode Premium Lightstick
  • 10 Inch Baton Glow Stick Pink
  • 6 Color EL Wire
  • 6 Color EL Wire Kit
  • Basic Microlight
  • Premier Microlight
  • Pixel FX LE Diffraction Glasses
  • Luminescence Diffraction Glasses – Any Frame w/ any 6 Color Wire(#DG-ELCUS6C)


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