GloFX Gives Back Community Outreach Volunteering Inclusion Committee

The GloFX Inclusion Committee

The GloFX Inclusion Committee is responsible for managing GloFX’s corporate social responsibility as we hold each department, employee, and company leader accountable for continuing efforts.

Our Pillars


Utilizing and promoting opportunities to educate ourselves and those around us.


Supporting continued growth that comes from education, increased awareness, and inclusion.


Utilizing our platform and capabilities to advance our community.


Putting actions behind words, continuously holding ourselves, and those around us to higher standards.

Our Pledge

We pledge to do better and be better. We are committed to continued learning and listening, and are always open to suggestions on how we can make a difference.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve, please email us at

Past Events & Initiatives

GloFX Gives Back Community Outreach Volunteering Inclusion Committee

March 2020

GloFX Inclusion Committee

We acknowledge that we as a company have fallen short in combating racism and taking adequate action to promote, encourage, and support diversity and equality. In order to hold ourselves accountable, we have created the GloFX Inclusion Committee to fight inequality and increase mindfulness and action for inclusion, both internally and externally. Through our focus on Education, Growth, Community, and Accountability, we pledge that GloFX will do better and be better, not just now but in every step we take!

GloFX Gives Back Community Outreach Volunteering - Elementary School Book Donations

February 2020

Bond Elementary School Book Drive

We collected donations of children’s books from local places (the library, the local Scholastic Book warehouse, and a local bookstore) and handed those books out to students (Pre-K through 5th Grade) during special area at Bond Elementary School. We were able to collect 200 books on our own and the school library had extras so we were able to hand out books to nearly every class! The purpose of the book drive was to give students literacy material they could take home with them, to encourage reading at home.

GloFX Gives Back Community Outreach Volunteering - Park Clean Up

August 2019

Hope Community Playground Prep

The Big Bend Homeless Coalition has a transitional housing unit, HOPE community, in town that provides a place for individuals and families to stay while they get back on their feet. A donor agreed to purchase the HOPE community all-new playground equipment for the children in the community, but they needed help prepping the space. We volunteered to help prep the space (removing old playground equipment, clearing the space, etc).

GloFX Gives Back Community Outreach Volunteering - Run 211

June 2019

Run 2-1-1

We sponsored the 2019 annual Run 2-1-1, which was put on by 2-1-1 Big Bend. 2-1-1 is a nonprofit that offers 24/7 services for emotional support, crisis counseling, suicide prevention, and information & referrals. This was the first time they held the 5k at night, and we sponsored it by providing all the glow products that were used (bracelets, rings, and glowsticks). We also set up a sponsor booth and had staff volunteer to work the booth throughout the day!

GloFX Gives Back Community Outreach Volunteering Inclusion Committee

September 2019

Lake Elberta Clean Up

We closed the office early and went to the park to pick up trash in partnership with the Leon County Dept of Parks and Recs. We love heading out to local parks to flow, so getting out there to clean up any trash in the grass or in the lake is the least we could do to give back to our community, and the spaces we love to fill with our flows! It was definitely a hot one, but with the help of our coworkers and some friends, we were able to leave this park a little cleaner than we found it.