Distributor Promotional Advertising Program (DPAP)

Informational Guide 

Our Distributor Promotional Advertising Program (DPAP) is exclusively offered to our Distributors who we feel deserve our support above and beyond what is offered to the typical wholesale customer. Gain manufacturer backing and support to gain exposure for your sales channels. As a respected business partner of GloFX, we welcome you to take the first steps to join a program that is presented to a privileged few.

What does DPAP offer?

  • Approval of different advertising and promotional budgets based on account
  • Higher opportunity of increased GloFX product sales
  • Free promotional items targeted at promoting sales
  • Removal of sales obstacles
  • Increased Distributor exposure to customer base
  • Exclusive deals for wholesale orders

How Does DPAP work?

Our Program is offered on a case-by-case basis. The goal is to help you and your company grow at a faster rate than with the current options that are presented to you. We are able to offer assistance for festivals, events, advertising, marketing, articles, and much more. Whether this assistance is in the form of additional funding, promotional tools, upgrade at an event, or sharing of ideas, we want you to benefit in the best way possible.

Our DPAP program is not limited to what is described above. We encourage all ideas to be presented to the table so that our program is able to evolve and, most importantly, that the outcome for us both is the most profitable one.

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