About GloFX Wholesale

About GloFX Wholesale

GloFX is a Global Leader in LED Products and Dimensional Eyewear, and has sold millions of pairs of glasses to EDM enthusiasts around the world since 2009. Our products get their appeal from their ability to enhance one’s experience at a festival and leave a lasting impression. Built on the importance of innovation, GloFX strives to push the boundaries of perception with its revolutionary eyewear and LED Products. Its emphasis on quality makes it a popular brand amongst eclectic light and music enthusiasts. Most importantly, its methods for creating a unique experience for each person is what separates GloFX from every other brand in its niche. GloFX changes the way people see the world and the way they interact with it.  GloFX designs, manufactures and assembles its unique product line in Tallahassee, Florida USA.

Through the numerous resources we make available to our partners and peers, we create a network of engagement that maximizes productivity and efficiency. To optimize marketing initiatives, we facilitate the growth and development of other companies in our industry by offering a variety of different services to those who wish to synergize their efforts with our own. If you own a company and are interested in acquiring our products to expand your catalog, your customers will immediately recognize our trusted brand as being the world’s #1 manufacturer of Diffraction and Kaleidoscope Glasses.

Wholesale Account Types

Premier Reseller

GloFX Premier Reseller accounts are focused on small businesses and first-time buyers excited to test out the GloFX target market.

  • Minimum order of $450 USD.
  • Reseller authorization required. Please request a reseller application if you have not already.
  • Mix-and-match colors and styles to reach higher tier discounts within each product sub-category.
  • Access to bulk pricing of Limited Edition products.
  • Media Usage Rights.
  • Access to our Reseller Center filled with online resources.


GloFX Distributor accounts are focused on medium-large businesses and frequent buyers looking to reach new heights and opportunities as a GloFX reseller.

  • Minimum order of $1,750 USD.
  • Receive all of the benefits that our Premier Reseller account offers.
  • Compiling Order History**: Compile previous purchase history to reach higher tier discounts.
  • Price Locking: Lock in your lowest price from past invoices.
  • Access to additional packaging options, priority production/ shipping times and special delivery.
  • Free promotional items when available.
  • Access to the Distributor Promotional Advertisement Program (DPAP).
  • Dedicated GloFX account representative.

*To request Distributorship, you must already be a part of our Premier Reseller program with good account standing. 

**Compiling Order History only applies to products in the Catalog under the exact same style category, excludes customizable products. It is annualized on a 12 month rolling basis. The reseller is responsible for keeping track of order history.

Upgrade your Premier Reseller Account to a Distributor Account Today!

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International Distribution Network Partner*

GloFX I.D.N. Partners have Exclusive Distribution regions around the world.

  • Annual Purchasing Contract required
  • Receive all of the benefits that our Distributor account offers.
  • Exclusive selling zones.
  • Increased DPAP contribution percentages.
  • Custom resources and materials.
  • Sales lead-generation from GloFX USA.

*To request I.D.N. Partner Account, you must already be a part of our Distributor program with good account standing.  

Upgrade your Premier Reseller Account to a Distributor Account Today!

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Basic Drop Shipping

Utilize our fulfillment services to sell GloFX products on your website. Reduce overhead, expand inventory, and reach new markets while avoiding labor costs. Click here to download the “GloFX Guide to Drop Shipping”. 

  • Subscription is $149.
  • Set-up is free.
  • No minimum order required.
  • Customizable shipping labels.
  • GloFX will provide all pictures, content, and media.
  • Receive 24/7 access to our drop shipping services.
  • Submit your customer’s orders directly on GloFX.com and let GloFX take care of order fulfillment.

Contact us now to find out more!

Premier Drop Shipping*

Built for volume. Premier Drop Shipping offers the simplest order submission, fastest turnaround time for your orders and maximizes efficiency through automation. Click here to download the “GloFX Guide to Drop Shipping”. 

  • Subscription is free.
  • Set-up is $149.**
  • Includes all the benefits of Basic Drop Shipping.
  • 3 highly-efficient order submission methods.
  • Seasonal benefits and promotions.
  • Premium account support.

*  Order Processing Fees Apply. Minimum average 3-month invoice total of $500 is required.

**  Fees may apply for custom integration.