GloFX Internship Programs

We are proud to offer a variety of internship programs both paid and unpaid to college students.

About GloFX:

GloFX LED & Glow Products has been a leading developer in the LED arts industry since 2009. Our mission is to provide our customers with optimum quality service and the most innovative products on the market. With products ranging from lasers and LED gloves to Diffraction Glasses, we are constantly striving to deliver new and unique products into the hands of those who want the hottest EDM-related gear available. The LED industry is a rapidly advancing market, and we remain at the top by our constant revolution of new ways people can use their LEDs, whether it be in LED orbits, LED gloves, LED poi, lasers, space whips, or a plethora of other possibilities.

Internship Opportunities –

  • 2018 Internship opportunities coming soon*

We look forward to hearing from you!