Graphic Designer / Product Creative Artist

Overview: A staff member to assist in the artistic media creation process from start to finish. Including digital graphic design, print design, product photography, video creation, and all aspects of creative content creation.


  • Photograph new products

    • Light box – Daylight
    • Light box – Nighttime
    • Realistic action photos
    • Long exposure light trail photography
    • Model photos
  • Photograph editing

    • Advanced touch up
    • Extremely professional quality required
    • Artistically designed
  • Graphic design – Digital

    • Advanced graphic creation
    • Web slides
    • Themed graphics
    • Social channel graphics
    • Ads
  • Graphic design – Print

    • Banners
    • Flyers
    • Business cards / inserts / promotional materials
    • Product packaging
  • Video Creation

    • Short clips and product demonstration videos
    • Special effects and intense commercials
  • Artistic content creation

    • All types of digital media
    • Product advertisements
    • Website theme graphics
    • Branded ad campaigns


  • Use a camera, graphic design programs, and video editing software.
  • Work on projects that require a strong creative mind.

Behavioral Requirements

  • Self-starter, able to succeed in a fluid and fast-paced work environment
  • Have the courage to drive change
  • Amazing motivation and ambition
  • Efficiency and time management
  • Organization skills and attention to detail
  • Success driven and system based thought process


  • Graphic Design (advanced skill required)
  • Photography (mid level skill required)
  • Video Production (mid level skill required)
  • Digital Marketing (general knowledge)
  • Project Management (general knowledge)
  • Multi-Tasking (general knowledge)


  • Continually strive for improvement
  • Prioritize activities that have the biggest impact
  • Be responsive and go the extra mile
  • Act with a sense of urgency