Your EDM Gym Playlist: 11 EDM Songs To Jumpstart Your Workout Routine In The New Year

GloFX Martin Garrix Live

Your EDM Gym Playlist: 11 EDM Songs To Jumpstart Your Workout Routine In The New Year

Now that the new year has kicked off, those dreaded fitness goals may have set in– losing excess pounds from starchy holiday meals, gaining more muscle mass by trimming the fat, and increasing your endurance level through cardio exercises, which is arguably the most sought after target workout in order transform your physique into its full potential. Easier said than done, it’s time for you to hit the ground running (as fast as you can) with your personalized training regime so that you’re able to look and feel great about yourself moving forward into 2016. Don’t worry, we are here to help you jumpstart your workout routine! EDM music offers a high-energy, melodic flow that is a textbook soundtrack for anyone’s workout.

Although we can’t give you a list of top trainers in your area, what we will do is provide you with a kickass list of your favorite bass-dropping EDM songs that are great to keep you motivated and your heart pumping as you begin to smash those fitness goals. You don’t have to be a partygoer, or an underground rave aficionado to enjoy this fast-growing genre that promotes peace, love, unity and respect (PLUR). Grab your glow stick, gym gear, and bring the rave to the gym or wherever you plan to exercise with these high-energy tunes. Just remember to wait for that bass to drop.


Released as a single in 20l2 in the U.S., the Dutch DJ and producer also included a music video featuring a bunch of people in “V for Vendetta” masks. With a groovy bass line and catchy lead containing different trademark NR synths, you’ll be sure to stay motivated as you sweat it out.

GloFX Nicky Romero Tomorrowland 2012 (1)


The New York-bred producer has graced stages at major festivals across the country such as Electric Zoo in New York and EDC Vegas. Featuring multi Grammy-nominated artist Heather Bright (a.k.a. Bright Lights), the two paired up to create this musical masterpiece! Take a little advice from Bright Lights: Don’t settle for less than you’re worth. Use this fast-paced tune to pump that iron and work it out.


Released in November 2013 by the Dutch electronic trio Yellow Claw, featuring vocals by Dutch singer Rochelle Perts (stage name Rochelle), the hit single reached the top 10 charts in the Netherlands and the top 20 in Belgium. Yellow Claw’s “Shotgun” earned gold status by gaining over 40 million views within a year. This song is also a great lesson in how to handle stress – when you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember that gun violence is not the answer. Instead, hit the treadmill or pump out some bench-presses!


This Los Angeles-based artist wears many hats as a DJ, producer, songwriter and even rapper, therefore, his “Revolution” track is definitely a hot pick for your list of workout music. If that’s not enough motivation for you, just watch his music video for the song, which features a man performing powerful boxing workouts. Get yourself moving into revolution-ready shape, as Diplo says, “It’s never too late to change your luck.”

GloFX Diplo


“Gold Skies” was released in 2014 by Dutch electronic music producer and DJ Sander Van Doorn, Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix and Canadian electronic music duo DVBBS, which features vocals from Canadian singer Aleesia.  Without a doubt, you will be fixated on the tracks spellbinding instrumentation of a smooth vocal melody combined with a pulsative drum loop. As the beat builds up, so will your heart rate and before you know it, you’ll end up burning calories left and right!

GloFX Sander van Doorn


Consisting of sisters Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf, the American electronic dance duo musical style is a combination of house, dubstep, techno and drum and bass.  The message in this 2011 hit song: Be a predator and not prey. Consider this message as your workout mantra and you’ll be sure to finish all of those reps!

GloFX Krewella-Ultra-2013 (1)


These two industry giants in the electronic dance scene joined forces to produce this remix of the classic “Promises” that has stood the test of time.  Skrillex, a Grammy-winning singer, DJ and producer, has been in the game for a while in which he has maintained a reputable career in the EDM community. The British electronic music group NERO consists of members Daniel “Dan” Stephens, Joseph “Joe” Ray and Alana Watson.  They released their debut studio album Welcome Reality that reached number one in the UK Albums Chart.


Featuring the melodic vocals of English twosome Hurts, this EDM masterwork was recorded by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris and Swedish DJ Alesso and was the first single from Harris’ fourth studio album entitled Motion. It was later featured on Alesso’s first studio album, Forever, in 2015. Calvin Harris is a beast when it comes to workout music, blast this in the weight room and take your workout to a whole ‘nother level!

GloFX Calvin_Harris_at_the_Amnesia_nightclub, (1)


Guetta ‘s “Titanium” featuring Australian phenomenon Sia is a classic ballad that draws from the genres of house, pop and urban-dance. The French DJ and music producer co-wrote the song, which the lyrics are about inner strength – hence a killer workout song that can help you discover your inner strength if you feel like giving up on those bicep curls!


Although the Dutch musician and record producer is only 19, he boasts an impeccable resume – recently collaborating with R&B giant and label-mate Usher on this EDM-pop crossover record that is great for burning calories. Garrix’s club-ready, EDM beat is perfect for any type of workout, especially for endurance training.

GloFX Martin Garrix Live


Last but certainly not least, the American hip-hop and EDM duo LMFAO gained massive success around the globe with the release of  “Party Rock Anthem,” reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and had almost everyone on the planet rocking out to its catchy hook and dance-ready rhythm. Warning: this awesome workout song may transform you into a hip-hop dancing hamster just like the one you may have seen in the 2015 Kia Soul EV commercial. Download it now before hitting that elliptical machine!



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