Why the United Kids of the World Song is Good for the EDM Community


If you haven’t seen it or heard Headhunterz feat. Krewella created a song called United Kids of the World which is supposed to be an anti-bullying campaign.

Here is the SoundCloud:

You might be thinking, well that’s lame, let’s sit around hold hands and sing Kumbaya. My unique, cool, edgy, and different culture will soon be taken over by the mainstream media and it will all be destroyed. Well don’t worry! This campaign is actually good for EDM for a number of reasons.

1) It’s becoming more popular

Wait, more popular means my cool, unique, edgy, and different culture will be taken over my mainstream media therefore it will not be cool, unique, edgy, and different so therefore not better right? Well yes and no, it will become more popular and then there will be more festivals, companies, parties, radio stations, etc… But it won’t be as unique. But isn’t the whole point of EDM the D (Dance). So more parties is a victory in our book. With the increasing popularity we will see more companies, more DJs, and more great music festivals which we all love.

2) It’s giving back

If you know about the NFL they had (have) a big problem. Their billion dollar monster was in jeopardy of lawsuits from head injuries.

So what did they do, they created a campaign to stop this. So what does this have to do with “United Kids of the World”? It shows it’s becoming something more than just a genre of music. It’s becoming a brand, a gigantic community, you get the picture. It’s becoming something that cares about its community and gives back.

3) It’s starting a trend

After this do not be surprised if more DJs will be going after hot topics in the community. MDMA and TSA are two big ones right now. We will see more press being picked up and DJs will have a larger voice.
Above all this is starting a trend that EDM is not just a genre anymore or a fad. It’s a gigantic community of people and is growing rapidly.


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