What’s to Come in 2017 [A Letter From The CEO]


Dear GloFX Community, Followers, and Supporters,

Before I get into what’s to come from GloFX in 2017, I’d like to formally address our gratitude towards members of the EDM community, GloFX supporters, followers, and friends for helping us get this far. We could not have ended 2016 on a better note, with our most successful quarter in company history. Even though we have accomplished much throughout our company’s history, our hunger for innovation is never satisfied. We continue to work towards creating new avenues of product development to keep the community engaged and equipped with the latest in eyewear and flow arts technology.

Below are a few significant achievements that resulted from the endless support GloFX received in 2016:

1) The successful launch of the Lux Series became the first ever GloFX-engineered and manufactured LED microprocessor within a Glove Set or LED Orbit. An immeasurable amount of time went into researching the best designs for optimizing your flow.lux-series-glofx-product

Over 5,000 Lux products found a home in the first months since it’s introduction in the summer of 2016.

2) GloFX was named one of Florida’s Top 50 Companies to Watch by the GrowFL organization and Governor Rick Scott. This meant that GloFX was not only becoming recognized in the EDM community, but also in the local and global economy.

When GloFX heard it was receiving an award for it’s display of economical vitality and strong regard for the EDM community, we couldn’t believe it. In the span of a few years, GloFX managed to revolutionize the rave experience and make a name for itself in the EDM community as the world’s top brand in Rave Eyewear.


3) Last year saw the initiation of the GloFX internship program in partnership with Florida State University. We invited a few lucky Seminoles to join the GloFX family and gain experience in the marketing world with the help of our team.

GloFX endorses the pursuit of knowledge to the highest degree, and we aim to show our devotion to education by continuing to develop these academic programs for the sake of students who wish to gain the skills necessary to be successful in this industry.glofx-scholarship-edm-community-resource

4) In addition to its internship program, GloFX has also provided students with an opportunity to receive financial aid through its Scholarship Program. In our efforts to lift the weight of academic tuition students must carry with them, we are offering a scholarship to students who can successfully meet the conditions our scholarship guidelines entail.

These, among many, are just a few of the achievements from the past 12 months. The day-in and day-out pursuit of success has driven our company to become known in the world of rave wear. This would not be possible without the relentless support of our community, friends, and followers. I sincerely thank each and every one of you for helping make 2016 our greatest year…..yet.

So this begs the question — what is next for GloFX?

2017 is predicted to be EDM’s biggest year yet, and it will be no different for GloFX. We are focusing our efforts on expanding all areas of our company in order to encompass much greater goals that we intend to reach by the end of the year. Below are some of these new objectives.

1) We intend to introduce never-before-seen eyewear concepts that will change the way people perceive reality and view EDM festivals.

2) GloFX will raise the current standards of flow toys by inventing products that harbor the essence of ingenuity while still continuing to maintain the utmost quality and integrity in their design. Yes, this means brand new concepts and products.

3) With the arrival of our new creative director, GloFX will be implementing an assortment of projects carried out by our team of creative media specialists. The addition of another member to our department of content development will bring in more artistic power fueling our media.

Expect to see much more from GloFX on YouTube, Instagram, GloFX.com and other channels of digital content.

4) We plan to skyrocket our community involvements by partnering with more organizations that will result in more resources going into the EDM community. One of these resources, the GloFX Promoter Program, will be seeing major features added to its already impressive list.

5) Seeing GloFX Glasses sold at every major EDM festival in America is a goal that is nearly acheived. Each great partnership we make with some of the biggest EDM corporations in the country bring us closer to attaining it.

Without giving too much away, I hope that our sneak peek at what’s ahead of GloFX will excite members of the EDM community and assure to them that we are nowhere close to slowing down any time soon.

Thank you to all of you who make this dream a reality for us.







Dan Watkins, CEO & Founder


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