Videos & EDM? Top Five EDM Songs Influenced by Video Games

We all grew up with video games. At one point in time we picked up a Nintendo or Xbox controller. We remember Mr. Pac Man, Tron, Zelda, etc… That’s why we see a lot of EDM artists using music inspired from video games of our past. We have an emotional connection and an underlying deep connection to that music which creates more powerful music (we might have just made that up).

So without further ado. The top five EDM songs that were influenced by video games:

1. Doctor P – Tetris (Duh!)

2. Excision – 8-Bit Superhero

3. Feed Me – One Click Headshot (pretty obvious from the title)

4. Figure – Battles and Castles

5. Savant – ISM

Is there a better combination of electronic music and old classical video game jams?


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