Valentine’s Day Gifts For Ravers

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts For Ravers

Customized Gloves

Everyone loves a light show! Why not set yourself apart? Customize your gloves and make your next light show a unique blend of your own colors. Choose your favorite glove type & color, diffuser type, colors for each finger, palm lights and we will make it just for you!

The way you want it, is the way we make it!


There are lots of options ranging in price, modes and lights. Get started making your new glove set here.

 DIY Cutout Heart Tee

815c16009bf475452e0d5540ac05f044This DIY tee is super cute and perfect to wear at festivals, shows or wherever else! The instructions are pretty simple and easy to follow. Get the instructions here.

Custom Kandi Bracelet

Kandi bracelets are not only a unique fashion trend among ravers, but is also a way to make new friends, spread love and give someone a gift they won’t forget. One of the most important parts of the “kandi” culture is the term PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect). What better gift could you give someone?


 We love this customizable Kandi Bracelet Package from QueenRaver on Etsy. Check them out, along with a variety of awesome Kandi face masks!

Mau5 Mini Speakers



Plug this little guy in anywhere and let the bass drop! He even has internal rechargeable batteries so you can take him to your next festival for some jams at the campsite. He can be found by clicking your mau5.

Around The World In 80 Raves

51jPpZOOrpL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_This is a wandering raver’s ultimate guide to discovering new cultures, festivals and parties while traveling the world! Raves have become increasingly popular and continue to grow in countries across the globe, embracing unique cultures and styles. Give the gift of wanderlust to yourself or someone else. Start planning your trip now with this awesome guidebook. Click here.

 Heart Diffraction Glasses


Love is in the air… literally! These specialty heart diffraction glasses diffract little hearts everywhere you look. The best part is you can wear them anytime of the day and see a bunch of hearts in the air. Slip them on and this is what you will see:1

For more gift ideas, check out this great blog by Francesca’s Flops & Fun: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

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