TSA Now Patrol Events to “Counter” Terrorism


Unethical, terrible, and not right or good, about time, and we need it? A recent article from the NY Times shows that the T.S.A is beginning to search outside of airports. They go to events, conventions, and more. It’s all in the name of counter terrorism but is it going too far?


If you go to a music event and get bag searched is there probable cause for TSA officials to enter and event and randomly choose to search you again. The article points out there is no real standards, protocol, or procedures. They can search anyone anytime with no standards or probably cause. Though we want to be safe isn’t there a line? What if they search someone and they find illegal substances are they supposed to turn a blind eye? Are they supposed to put the illegal substances back into the person being searched pocket and wish him or her a good day? Don’t they have a duty to arrest that person? But then aren’t we going to turn this into massive drug busts with local authorities?

There are some many questions and how this will affect musical events and events nationwide. When we give such a grey area to authorities we are opening Pandora’s Box. They can and will have absolute authority to search and arrest anyone who is trying to have a good time. If you went to high school parties you can image the effect. Remember when you had your weekly Friday night kegger and the cops showed up? Everyone was running in different directions. Won’t the same happen to musical events?

It’s a scary thought that this could be happening in the near future. Whether you agree with this being right or wrong we can all and should agree that there needs to be standards, protocol, and public awareness as to what they can and cannot do. Otherwise soon when you go to an event it will be a secret and in the woods, all because normal events are no fun anymore.

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