Top 10 Best Party Cities You Have to Visit

Here is our countdown of the best party spots in the world. Again, this is our opinion, we make fun of hate mail.

10) Melbourne


Hands down the best party spot on their continent (that’s not saying much for the people who failed geography). Hundreds of bars and venues clutter the streets.
They even thought ahead and made the streets so confusing you have to end up going to another bar because you will never find your way home.

9) Amsterdam


This is a place you can have an amazing time no matter the time you visit. The biggest party is on April 30th (queens day) where you can put on orange clothing and join 800,000 people drinking, smoking, and dancing on the streets and boats on the canal.
Don’t worry, they go out at night too.

8) Tokyo


You can either have a really good time in Tokyo or a really bad time. You just need to know where to go and what to look out for.
Tokyo is a great party destination because of the size of the city and their forever attempt to out American, Americans. They love to copy the United States trends and take it to an extreme. [Funny picture of Japanese girl in ridiculous clothing here]. They have crazy nightclubs that stay open until, well, we do not know. It’s just around the time when the sun is almost in the center.
If you can go out from 10pm to 10am Tokyo is for you!

7) LA


LA is a great party spot by default because of the gorgeous women they have. Let’s throw in the celebrities, stunning nightlife, and great beaches and you have a winner. They fall short because it is very limited and is not a gigantic party destination like the cities below.

6) Montreal


“Easygoing” Montreal is a very popular destination for almost every country. It’s huge, has a lot to view, and has great local beer. There are old world cafes, packed discos (yeah, discos), and many unique and different local bars that stay open late.

5) Berlin


The best thing about Berlin is the clubs stay open until 10am and people will actually nap in the bathrooms until 2-4am and continue on partying. If you like outdoor parties with large crowds of people this is for you. Some clubs even have swimming pools inside the clubs.

4) Buenos Aires


After party at 9am on a Tuesday? Sure, why not. This city is a classic “we live to party” and not “we live to work” obviously. This city never sleeps. Just make sure you don’t think you will be fine with the Spanish you learned in middle school.

3) New York


Do you want a jazz music theme rave electronic dance musical festival? Chances are New York has it. This huge city has everything you could ever ask for and they charge accordingly. There are many night clubs, lounges, festivals, and events to go to and that’s why it makes our top list.

Also, it never gets old when you leave the club and go down 64 floors to the entrance and then go to your cab while you soak in the scenery of 80 story buildings.

2) Las Vegas


The classic party spot. You have heard of the pool parties, the night clubs, and the casinos. It’s the adult playground of the world and is the more mainstream party destination for anyone from blue color to white color individuals.
Drum roll……..

1) Ibiza


Were you expecting something else? Ibiza is the party capital in the world and for good reason. It draws huge crowds, has out of this world nightclubs, and makes other city’s nightclubs look outdated. It’s a common fact that 98 percent of people who visit Ibiza have a life altering experiences and are not the same. Symptoms include lack of partying, depression, search for something new, and constant story telling of the best nights of their lives.

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