The GloFX Experience at EDMBiz


In mid July the GloFX Team packed up our Diffraction Glasses, LED Gloves, and newly launched products and hit the road. With our exclusive products in tow, we were headed for the Fabulous city of none other than Las Vegas, Nevada for the 3rd Annual EDMBiz Conference and Expo.

The EDMBiz Conference and Expo was held at The Cosmopolitan. The venue was the ultimate location for the Conference and Expo, especially with EDC Las Vegas just days away.

GloFX showcases at EDMbiz


The view wasn’t too bad either.

GloFX takes Las Vegas

We set up our booth and couldn’t wait to display our products at one of the biggest networking events in dance music.

Diffraction, Kaleidoscope, LED, Space Whip

Our products were a huge hit and made it on Insomniacs “Top 5 Products We Saw At EDMBiz Expo”

We enjoyed meeting new people and making friends who share the same zest for the EDM industry.

Kaleidoscope Glasses, rave, edm, las vegas

Kaleidoscope Glasses, EDMbiz, las vegas, edc

Peace, Love, EDM & GloFX. (oh and photobombs…haha)Kaleidoscope Glasses, Music Week, EDC, EDM, Las Vegas

The conference was packed with speakers from festivals around the world, as well as agents and talent bookers. We really enjoyed listening to the people who have made EDM what it is today and learned a lot about the industry.


We even got to meet Tommie Sunshine…really cool guy!

Tommie sunshine, EDM

We also ran into some minions!


We met the awesome crew from Hologram USA. They loved our products and used them in their holographic display!



The after parties were the best! What’s better than a pool party in Vegas?…A pool party in Vegas with GloFX!!


The food was on point.


We came. We worked. We played.


See you next year EDMBiz!!


It’s safe to say the trip was a success. Everyone seemed to love our Glasses, especially our Diffraction Glasses and Kaleidoscope Glasses. And our LED Gloves, Poi, and LED Orbits were picked up by many new resellers, stores, and distributors across the nation!

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