Looking back at 2012. Five great EDM albums hardcore fans remember. Trust – TRST For the darker raver. Trust gave us a really good time with this dark themed song. It was insirpied by 80s goth and is a very dark, foggy, warehouse party feel. If you like the darker side of EDM this was […]
Here is our countdown of the best party spots in the world. Again, this is our opinion, we make fun of hate mail. 10) Melbourne Hands down the best party spot on their continent (that’s not saying much for the people who failed geography). Hundreds of bars and venues clutter the streets. They even thought […]
So this EDM event caught our eye. Happening in October at the MGM in Las Vegas is from European dance music event creators Sensation and their “Ocean of White” party. It’s mandatory you have to wear all white. The difference is they are having a Cirque du Soleil theme and if you have never been to […]