Keep Calm And Love Krewella


The Beginning Of The Krew

Way back in 2007, before Krewella was killin’ it, Yasmine worked at a bookstore, Kris an ice cream shop and Jahan a waitress.

Jahan was a choir girl who dreaded music theory lectures, Kris played guitar in a metal bands, and Yasmine a singer of an

indie-rock band with some high school friends. Then one night at a college party Kris asked Jahan to sing, and not long after

that Yasmine joined in. They didn’t kill it right away though, there were times they had been booed off stage and produced a

couple hundred not so great demos. They didn’t quit, they put in the hours of practice and stuck with what they loved doing.

Yasmine and Jahan used to run around Kris’ grandmother’s house and sing while he was in the basement producing music.

They were juggling school, jobs, a social life and working on music.


June 8, 2010 is the day Krewella dropped everything in life and dedicated themselves completely to their music. The trio

celebrated the memory of this day with tattoos! The tattoo doesn’t just represent the day they literally dropped everything and put

all of their energy into their music, it also represents the strong bond of friendship the three share, their dedication and career.

6-8-10 was also Yasmine’s first tattoo.


  Krewella Came Alive

After years of practice, Krewella had their first big show in the U.S. at Ultra Music Festival 2013, and were one out of three

shows that trended worldwide on twitter. They killed it and the EDM community fell in love. In the Fall of 2013 Krewella went

on their first headlining tour. All fifty-five tour dates were sold out in America and it was one of the only successful fall tours of

2013. In October of 2013, Krewella was the first EDM group to perform on Good Morning America!

Dance For Those Who Can’t

“Every time we go on stage, we will stand and dance for those with paralysis. We believe that by working with our Krew that our

efforts will help get people out of wheelchairs and back dancing again!” -Jahan

Krewella isn’t your average EDM artists. They genuinely care about others and want to do what they can to help. Krewella has

teamed up with Electric Family, and created a charity bracelet for Dance For Paralysis. All of the earnings from each bracelet

goes directly to DFP. DFP raises money and awareness for those with paralysis who are physically unable to dance.

Check out their website here:

Get your bracelet and help raise awareness for those with paralysis! Spread the word and dance for those who can’t.


We can only imagine what Krewella will do this year!

If you haven’t already seen their Enjoy The Ride Music Video, go ahead and watch it here!

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