Introducing the GloFX Youtube Channel


Introducing the GloFX Youtube Channel. One of our objectives at GloFX is to offer relevant information to those who are interested in learning about what makes our brand so popular amongst ravers in the EDM community. We’ve realized that to do this, we would need to apply the revolutionary innovations of today’s technology in order to broadcast this information to as many people possible. Our solution to this was to create GloFX videos to give the public a better look at who we are. Ranging from Tutorials and Product Demonstrations to Commercials and Entertainment – The GloFX Youtube Channel has it all.


The GloFX Youtube Channel

We have dedicated ourselves to creating content that is everlasting, and will continue to impact future generations in years to come. We not only want to provide answers, but also invoke new questions about the reality in which we live. This is why we are creating GloFX videos that can help us in our quest to spread the light, both literally and figuratively.

One of the features of our Youtube channel is a series of videos showcasing GloFX products, that acts as an encyclopedia for optical rave devices and LEDs used for visual sensory enhancement. Here are some of our favorites:

A.) Tutorial Series

As a leading seller in LED flow toys, we dedicate ourselves to helping flow artists develop their skills by providing tutorials on how to use their props. It’s important to us that flow artists have access to resources that can help them take their art as far as they can possibly go. The Flow Arts Learning Center was built with this intention in mind. Every video that is featured here contains content ranging from fundamental concepts, to advanced techniques for a variety of different flow arts. Alongside that, we have also created a flow arts learning center.

B.) Product Trailers, Demos, and Commercials

As part of our mission, we have created a place online for people to discover the amazing ways LEDs can create unique and one-of-a-kind experiences. We take a closer look at some of the most popular rave items in EDM festival culture, Diffraction and Kaleidoscope Glasses, in order to educate ravers on the proper way to use them. Our videos provide explanations about diffraction and the different properties of light, such as the different wavelengths of a color spectrum and the behavior of light as it passes through different objects. We also showcase different types of flow toys. Everyone has their own unique flow, so not everyone might like to use the same prop. All of our flow toys have their own personalities that open up different paths of creativity. We hope these videos can help aspiring flow artists decide which is best for them.

C.) Entertainment Playlist

Balance is key. Not everyone wants to learn about things twenty four hours of the day. GloFX is about enhancing your experience through the different senses by which we perceive the world. We aim to show this in our videos designated for entertainment purposes. We encourage using our items to enjoy the gifts life has to offer.

The [Top 5] GloFX Videos to Watch

1. GloFX Lux Glove Set & Lux 360 LED Rave Orbit

2. GloFX Kaleidoscope Glasses

3. GloFX Space Whip

4. GloFX Orbits: The Ultimate Lightshow

5. GloFX Glasses Trailer: The Original Light Diffraction Glasses

Tell us what you want to see!

We upload GloFX videos to our Youtube channel each week. We want to engage our audience and encourage them to visit our channel every couple of days. If you have any ideas for future tutorials, demonstrations, Q&A, or anything else related to Diffraction Glasses, Kaleidoscope Glasses, LED rave toys and everything in between, let us know! Leave a comment on one of our videos on our Youtube channel! You can also message us on social media!

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