GloFX Kaleidoscope Glasses: Experience The Rainbow


GloFX’s psychedelic glasses will blow your mind the moment you put them on. Watch the video below for a glimpse of the rainbow experience!

Nothing takes your vision to another level than seeing the world through prismatic lenses. The newest addition to the GloFX family of scientifically polarized glasses is here, and sure to keep you amazed. These polychromatic glasses are made with high quality frames and lenses, featuring laser cut glass crystals to transform your world. We have two options available for lenses, the first is the laser cut clear glass crystal lens and the second is laser cut glass crystals as well, but have a rainbow filter for an added colorful effect.Fotor02031324541

Not only do they revolutionize the world through your eyes, the rainbow glasses add a trippy edge to raver fashion. These rainbow glasses can be worn to concerts, raves, festivals, parties, and wherever else you choose! With your purchase of these kaleidoscope glasses, GloFX includes an Official GloFX microfiber carrying case to house your glasses when you’re not wearing them! The microfiber case can also be used to clean your prismatic, laser cut lenses to keep them crystal clear for an ultimate rainbow experience.


With the New Year come new music, raves, festivals and fashion. You will definitely want to add this pair of GloFX Kaleidoscope Glasses to your diffraction glasses collection and wear to all of these special events. Here at GloFX we pride ourselves with our high quality diffraction glasses and LED products. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and have an amazing experience. We offer these kaleidoscope glasses for only $29.99 on our website, Get ready to enter the psychedelic world of rainbows and be the ultimate rager on every occasion.

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