Girl’s Guide to Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo is right around the corner, and yet it still can’t come soon enough! I am beyond ecstatic to be back on the farm and completely carefree for a few days. The only downside to Roo is the heat.


You are going to want the least amount of clothes on as possible. I did a bunch of DIY t-shirt cutting last year thinking since the shirts were cut up they wouldn’t be as hot. Boy was I wrong! There are not a lot of trees for shade, and the middle of June is pretty brutal.

-Bikinis & a cute coverup if it gets a little breezy at night

-High Rise Shorts: super cute to pair with a bikini top or bandeau!

-Sundresses: light, cool and perfect for summer days


Leave your nice shoes at home… they will look like you have had them for a year when you get back. Find an old pair.

-Toms are fashionable, for a good cause and comfortable!

-Minnetonka Boots are probably the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and I will be rocking them the entire time.

-Vans are also comfortable and cute.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing sandals the whole time, you will probably get an annoying blister and you never know what you could step on.


The struggle…

-Dry Shampoo: your best friend. Spray some in your hair a couple times a day to keep it looking fresh and clean.

-Braids for days: perfect for keeping your hair out of your face and off your shoulders during the day.

Hats: so hat hair may not be so hot, but a floppy hat is perfect for keeping the sun from baking your neck and face.

Tip: Spray your hair with some dry shampoo when you wake up, put a tiny bit of coconut oil on your ends, and braid! This will keep your hair out of your way during the hot day. At night take the braid out and you will have wavy, boho hair for the evening activities. 🙂 Be sure to bring extra hair ties!

You can also go to the Garnier Fructis shop in Centeroo and get your hair washed!


-Baby wipes: your second best friend.

-Wet ones: carry them with you for the bathroom.

-Spray deodorant: a quick spray n the morning and evening will keep you smelling and feeling fresh!

It wouldn’t hurt to bring extra tampons, AZO and Midol. If you don’t need them someone else may!

I was able to pay $20 last year for a wristband that allowed me to use clean restrooms the whole weekend and they were air conditioned. It was great. You can get the wristband there, but there aren’t many of these bathrooms throughout the festival so you may want to make sure there is one near your campsite before buying a wristband.

You can also shower for $7. I suggest getting there early if you don’t want to wait in a long line.


Forget your makeup. The mixture of sun, sweat and makeup will probably cause you to break out. If you do bring any Mascara and some powder will do!

To avoid getting sunburnt, work on building a good base tan before you go. You still don’t want to forget to apply sunscreen in the morning, you will still tan just without the burn.

Bring your favorite facial cleansing wipes to use morning and night. This will keep sweat and dirt (and makeup if you choose to wear it) from sitting in your pores.

Flash tattoos are really cute and a great way to add to your outfit. They last 4-6 days and create tan lines which look pretty cool! They take a couple weeks to arrive so if you plan on get some go ahead and order them now.

This is one of my faves 🙂


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