Five Great EDM Albums Hardcore Fans Remember


Looking back at 2012. Five great EDM albums hardcore fans remember.

Trust – TRST

For the darker raver.

Trust gave us a really good time with this dark themed song. It was insirpied by 80s goth and is a very dark, foggy, warehouse party feel. If you like the darker side of EDM this was a great job.

Some notable songs were Shoom, Dressed for Space, and Sulk.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble

Their name speaks for themselves. From Orlando his soft falsetto paired with house and bass tracks is a perfect mainstream dance/pop edm albumn. Trouble was a very bold dance album.

Purity Ring – Shrines

This R&B influenced electronic music is modern, likeable, and schizophrenic. It caught attention to regular nightlife bloggers and critics. Skipping beats, dizzying noises, and feminine vocals gave this sound an overall blast.

Note – do you find anything dark about it? Many critics thought it was dark.

Crystal Castles – III

Perfect song for the “heartless world we live in” (their words not ours). This song communicates bleakness and try to make an eerie and beautiful theme.

Grimes – Visions

This third studio album Visions is streamlined while remaining mysterious and experimental. Yes, that can happen.

It is a futuristic, danceable, and fun beat which makes an electro-pop-beast.

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