Everything to Know: Fiber Optic Space Whips



If you’ve ever seen a Fiber Optic LED Space Whip in person, then you know how cool it is to watch someone use one. They are fun to look at, even when it’s not being used. When you see one, you can’t help but want to get tangled in its rainbow-colored filaments and watch them slither all over your body.



The visual power of an LED Space Whip comes from the luminous Fiber Optic Cables which makes up more than 75% of its body. These fiber strands are capable of sending light from one end to another, illuminating its entire length in the process. Space Whips are powered by an LED powerhouse that is capable of producing a variety of colors, patterns, and effects.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Fiber Optic Whip functionality, design, performance, and picking the best one for you.




Each LED Space Whip includes Duracell batteries, user manual, and arrives ready to use straight out of the box. They are manufactured with precision and attentiveness to detail right here in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. When you receive your whip in the mail, it’s immediately ready to be used. Of course, “whip” is just a figure of speech. An LED whip functions best when their users emphasize control and fluidity in their movements rather than rapid and aggressive motions.


The LED Powerhouse, which supplies light to the fiber strands, serves as a grip for the user to hold the LED whip. Its small and compact shape allows the user to effortlessly guide the whip around the user’s body. The lightweight powerhouse enables the user to control the whip with only one hand.

This means that it is possible for one to hold an LED whip in both hands, creating a flurry of light particles surrounding the user. The simplicity of operating LED whips makes its functionality second to none, as seen below.

DESIGNS & MODELSled-whip-light-edm-rave-festival

There are two main parts that comprise an LED Space Whip.

  • Powerhouse which contains the source of light for the whip and is available in Black Onyx or Silver.

  • Fiber Optic Bundle(s) which is the group of fibers that transmit light. The fiber bundle is attached to the powerhouse in a sealed casing using thermal technology to secure it in place. Space Whips are available with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 bundles of fiber.


Space Whips come in a variety of sizes and models. You can also customize your own design.




The refractive nature of fiber filaments makes an LED whip one of the most aesthetic light props currently available. Whereas other props emit light directly from an LED bulb, fiber optic whips are designed to illuminate from translucency. The difference between these two forms of light radiation can detected by observing the intensity of the light coming from the object. You can learn more about the science behind Fiber Optic Space Whips here.

An LED Space Whip diffuses light along the length of the fiber stands, which creates a much softer and surreal effect.

LED Whip Rave Whip Space Whip

Nearly 100% of light can pass through the fiber filaments so that a very minimal amount of light is lost in the conduction process. Its unique design makes an LED Whip a great prop for captivating an audience.

LED Whips perform incredibly well even under extreme conditions. The powerhouse is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged in the rain. Windy environments won’t affect the performance of the LED whip because it each fiber filament moves independently from one another regardless of any external forces acting on it.


One of the best qualities of an LED Whip is its versatility. The various customization options means there are hundreds of different possibilities.

led-whip-fiber-optic-skirtIn addition to making excellent flow props, Space Whips also can be used as decorative art installations. The glow of the thin fiber strands resembles something you’d expect to live at the bottom of the deepest parts of the ocean.

There’s nothing as pretty as seeing the fibers move about a fixed point while the lights are turned on.



When choosing the best Space Whip model for you, the right place to start is knowing how you plan to use it. Will you be in close quarters? Will you be outdoors? Do you like more rigid or softer fiber? Do you plan to dance or perform with it? These are the questions you should consider when purchasing your first Space Whip.

    • ELITE 360: This is the best selling model and is perfect for new users. The 6ft long End Glow fibers and 360 ball bearing allow for impeccable flow.

    • FULL SIZE: This is the original model that started it all. For over 10 years, the Full Size 4-Bundle Space Whip has been the top choice for experienced performers wanting the biggest and brightest cloud of fiber optic lights. 

    • ONYX 360 NANO: The sleek Onyx Powerhouse and extra-slim Sparkle Nano fiber make this one of the softest, smoothest, and easiest to flow Space Whips. This model is perfect for dancing and body wraps. 

    • HYBRID POI SET: The name itself explains this one. The Hybrid Fiber Optic LED Poi set is the perfect combination. With dual ball bearings on the fibers and wrist lanyards, there are no limits to this Poi sets performance. 

Overall, an LED Space Whip is an amazing addition to anyone’s collection of rave accessories and flow props. It’s a great prop for whenever you want to enshroud yourself in a cloud of lights, and you can’t help but feel like you’re in the eye of a beautiful color storm.

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