Electronic Music & The Grammys


The dance and electronic music scene is growing rapidly and producing more hit songs and albums than ever before. This genre was not always so successful though. The electronic/dance music category wasn’t born into the Grammys until 1998, which is thirty-nine years after the first Grammy Awards Ceremony. The year of 1998 and 1999, Daft Punk lost the best dance category to Madonna, and in 2001 “Who Let The Dogs Out?” by Baha Men took home the trophy.

Skrillex seemed to be the turning point in 2012, when he took home three Grammys and introduced EDM and electronic dance music into the categories of dance music. In 2013, Skrillex did it again, winning in both dance categories. The year of 2013 also marked the first year where the dance/electronic category did not include a single pop artist.

EDM and electronic/dance music made its mark at the 2014 Grammys. For the first time ever, an EDM album nominated for record of the year and album of the year. Daft Punk made history, being the first electronic artist to take home both record of the year (Get Lucky) and album of the year (Random Access Memories)! In 2011 we were “Rolling In The Deep” with Adele taking home both awards, but this year Daft Punk was “Doin’ It Right”.

Daft Punk isn’t the only electronic artist who took home a Grammy though. Zedd featuring Foxes, won best dance recording with the track, “Clarity”. Electronic/EDM artists Kaskade (Atmosphere), Calvin Harris (Sweet Nothing), and Armin Van Buuren (This Is What It Feels Like) were also nominees for best dance recording.

EDM and electronic music has certainly made a name for itself the past few years at the Grammys with Skrillex kicking it off, and this year Daft Punk and Zedd. What started out as a dance/club genre with a smaller crowd has grown into well known music throughout the world. The EDM genre will continue to grow and create music that will leave our ears in awe.

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