EDM and MDMA: A Love Story


If you haven’t heard already there were two deaths from the 2013 Electric Zoo. Both were drug related and 21 people were arrested with possession of illegal drugs. The media created a firestorm over this blaming the festival for their lack of security and/or lack of checking. Some media outlets just blame electronic music as a whole. Who can blame them, from a fifty year old professional who sees this on the news they would probably think EDM is “devil worshipping”.

I know, it’s house/old but you know where we are getting at. It looks crazy and foreign so it has to be bad in their eyes. The problem is when you blame EDM or festival music as a whole you are going too far. Here are some quotes from Diplo & Jillionaire about the situation via Rolling Stone:

“The generation that comes next is always going to rebel against the generation that came before, and they’re always going to be at odds with each other,” Major Lazer’s Jillionaire told Rolling Stone this past weekend at the Boston Calling Festival. “It doesn’t matter what anyone who’s 50-years-old has to say about these festivals. How many kids go to a football game and drink too much beer?”
“How many kids drive a car when they shouldn’t?” Diplo added. “The drug thing happens, and this is the first time music writers can have something to write about. Electronic music is so young, and these audiences are full of 18 – no, 13-year-olds – and people who are 30, and 30 is old. Music writers and critics are old. When I was younger and living in Philadelphia, there was a crazy heroin problem. I had a lot of friends who died from Oxycontin and heroin overdoses. No one wrote about those kids. When 6,000 kids party for three days and two kids die, it’s a story because the writers don’t write about electronic music, as it’s flat and boring all the time.”

That made me think. Weren’t people doing drugs at Woodstock? Even more weren’t people doing drugs before us at every music festival? So maybe it’s not the music’s fault or our generation. Maybe it’s just something that happens every generation (By the way MDMA is ecstasy and is very popular in different forms). So if there is no way to stop drugs is there a way to regulate it. Probably not considering the authorities are doing everything in their power to stop drug use and are barely making a dent. And looking back at past history has the government every even come close to stopping drug use? The answer is no.

Going back to Diplo’s statement perhaps us as people will never be fully drug free. Maybe there is a way to create a safe drug but do you think each generation that rebels against the older generation will want to do the safe drug? Where is the fun in that to them? Maybe we need to do is stop trying to control something we cannot control. People will get behind the wheel drunk, people will intentional try to harm one another, and people will do drugs at a music festival. We need to accept there is nothing we can do to stop it. The only thing we can do is preach safe use and move forward. Tragedies happen but it does not mean we should stop having fun. Weren’t the generation before us supposed to be the worst generation and bring the Country down to the ground according to their older generation? Perhaps the new generation/our generation will do the same. Grow up and judge the generation below them/us.

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