Cosmo Trashes EDM?

The EDM scene took a hit a couple days ago from Charles Manning, an editor at Cosmopolitan. Manning’s article, “15 Completely Insane Outfits You Can Only Wear At Coachella” discriminates every angle of EDM fashion and good vibes. It’s rather humorous that while you’re scrolling through the article reading his obvious inexperience when it comes to EDM (especially since most of the photos aren’t even from Coachella), the Cosmo Hot List on the side bar includes articles about “What Women Think About During Shower Sex”, “Problems Men Have With Balls” and “The Strangest DIY Sex Toys.” Umm.. and you want to talk about people’s outfits at a festival you clearly have never been to or know anything about?

Here’s a few of Manning’s views on EDM Fashion…

3. Making an ass of yourself (or unicorn, in this case)


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“You can literally only dress like this if you have a mask to conceal your identity. Vagazzled bikini bottoms and fur boots? I can’t!”

Then there was….

9. This.

“That headband (or one of her many bracelets/neon rubberbands) must be cutting off the circulation to her brain and affecting her judgement. Why else would she be kissing that guy? He’s wearing cargo shorts.”


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Turns out the guy wearing cargo shorts is her boyfriend of 2 years, and even better they both responded to the article.

Here’s her response:

“Im the girl in the 9th photo @kdanbaby with all my bracelets kissing that boy.. Who happens to be my boyfriend of 2 years. These bracelets represent something deeper than any fashion statement, it’s a way of life, its called PLUR. Peace Love Unity Respect. Something you guys at Cosmo know NOTHING about. I would like it if you didnt use my picture to bash something i love doing and something you all clearly dont understand. If you dont like my outfits than thats great for you but I LOVE what i wear and what I do! But making a joke of me and my boyfriend and everyone else’s outfits Is extremely disrespectful and rude.”
12. Very distressed tie-dyed shorts.
“You have to wonder about the presence of clothing at all when half the people are running around in bras and the clothing that IS present has so many holes in it that it may no longer qualify as clothing.”

3142468_2013-06-27_18.45.43Photo, Joanna Lilly F.

These are just a few.

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The thing about the EDM scene is we go to music festivals to have fun, meet new people, dress however we want without being judged and listen to awesome music. No one is there to judge or discriminate anyone. The best part about the EDM movement is there is no pressure to conform to a society’s version of “fashion.” Instead, EDM involves people who spread good vibes, radiate positivity and PLUR.

The unicorns are awesome. The couple is too cute. The tie-dyed shorts rock! (and she made them herself)


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