5 Easy Ways to Save Money at Music Festivals


1. Carpool

Plan ahead and carpool with some friends or post in your local EDM Facebook group and see if anyone else near you is going to the festival as well. Did you know 75% of carbon monoxide pollution in U.S. is caused by motor vehicles? Carpooling will save you money and reduce the amount of carbon monoxide pollution emitted from our cars 🙂

2. Tickets

There are a couple ways you can save money on your festival ticket. One way is to buy your ticket early. The majority of festivals have early bird tickets you can get that can save you up to $100 off the regular price ticket!

Festivals like Bonnaroo, Governor’s Ball, Gathering of the Vibes and many more will employ volunteers to work before, after or during the festival. Volunteers usually get in for free in exchange for a few hours of work! There is a variety of volunteer positions to choose from and the work isn’t hard. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people as well, and spread good vibes! Clean Vibes and Work Exchange Team are both great websites for volunteer opportunities at music festivals.

Look for ticket giveaways! There are plenty of them out there and what’s better than going to a music festival for free? A cool one to check out that is going on now is the Electric Forest Ninja Challenge. Not only do you win 2 Good Life VIP Tickets, you also win a hot air balloon ride with Glitch Mob over Electric Forest! Your going to want to check this out. Click here for details!

3. Savor the Experience and ditch the Hotel

You can spend the rest of the year under a roof with air conditioning. Camping at festivals is part of the whole experience! You meet new people, don’t have to worry about getting back to your hotel and it’s fun! Camping is usually pretty cheap at festivals, if it isn’t already included in the ticket price. If you are a college student, a lot of Universities allow you to rent camping supplies for cheap if you don’t already have them. Not only does camping save money on lodging, you also don’t have to pay for rides to and from the festival.

4. Water

Music festivals aren’t Walmart, and you can’t buy a bottle of water for $1. Bring a few gallons of water for each person. You can use it for drinking, brushing your teeth, rinsing off etc. A Hydration Pack would also be a great way to stay hydrated especially inside the festival and beats carrying a water bottle around.

5. Food

Expect to spend at least $10 each time you grab a burger or some chicken tenders at the concession stands. Save some $ and bring snacks like trail mix, protein bars and chips to snack on. You can also bring things to cook at your campsite. Although $10 doesn’t seem like a lot it can add up pretty quick. Try to limit your trips to the concession stands to once a day and you will be surprised with how much money you save!


Photo Credit: http://www.thethingswesay.com/lets-go-adventure-fund-jar/

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