11 Tips to Make Your EDM Festival Experience Plurfect

1382-11 Tips to Make Your EDM Festival Experience Plurfect

Update: Be sure to check out our new 2016 Festival Survival Guide for all the latest tips! 

Festivals are the purest and most entertaining way to experience live music. You create memories, make new friends, and discover new artists all at the same place.

You get a chance to break free, and step away from “reality” for hours or even days.

Yet, even though the extravaganza can be entertaining, it could also be both mentally and physically exhausting.

If you plan your schedule correctly in advance, and follow the 11 tips below, you will enhance your EDM Experience, and walk away from it  wanting more.

1.    Head To The Concert With Positive Vibes

Tips to Make EDM Festival Experience Plurfect

When you’re heading to the concert, you don’t want to have any negativity going on. Having negative thoughts prior to the festival will lead to a negative time at the festival. You want to have a positive attitude.

Be open minded, you’re going to see things that you’re not used to seeing. This is when most people will tend to judge. Instead of judging, go with the flow. A music festival is supposed to be carefree and judge-free zone. Embrace that, and be yourself.

2.    Surround Yourself With Good People

Surrounding yourself with good people will be the difference of having an amazing festival experience or a terrible one . Good vibes translates into good moods and better health all around.

It is universal; it flows through us and surrounds us. If you’re with good people at the festival, your time will be unique which creates a more personal experience.

3.    Dress Comfortable and Trendy

This is extremely important, not only because a bad outfit can ruin your day, but because you’re going to be outside dancing on your feet all day. First and foremost,check the weather forecast . You want to be comfortable yet trendy while at the concert. Don’t worry I have you covered.

My first suggestion for EDM clothing is to wear sneakers. When you’re dancing the whole time, you want shoes that keep you comfortable. Wearing closed sneakers will also be extremely beneficial to prevent stepping on anything harmful outside.

As far as tops and bottoms go, lace crop tops and fringe halter tops are super trendy AND comfortable for the girls. For guys, basic tank tops are perfect to wear. Shorts are recommended for both guys and girls.

Finally, don’t forget to bring laser gloves and diffraction glasses to the festival. Follow this and you’re sure to be comfortable and trendy!

Tips to Make EDM Festival Experience Plurfect

4.    Stay Off Social Media


Everyone is guilty of being caught up on our phone texting and checking social media instead of being in the moment. While at the concert, stay off your phone! Soak in everything around you.

The experience is something you’ll remember more than the “sick” video or pictures you took. Pay attention to the music, absorb the lights and feed off the exciting energy you’ll be around. This tip will make a HUGE difference on your festival experience.

5.    Create a Meeting Spot With Your Friends

It’s okay to lose your friends during the festival. Getting lost isn’t a bad thing; it gives you the opportunity to meet new people. Of course, what isn’t okay is not being able to find your friends after the festival.

Pick a meeting spot when you get to the festival, that way if you lose a friend you know where to meet. We all have that one friend that’s a wanderer, which tends to turn into a lengthy process of trying to find them. This will not only help you avoid the long process of trying to meet up with a friend after your leave, but it will also make your overall experience MUCH less stressful.

6.    Stay Hydrated

While drinking, dancing, and being out in the sun, you’re going to get dehydrated. Dehydration is extremely common during summer festivals, and can lead to heat-related injuries and even death.

It is important to know what to do in case of an emergency. Dehydration is something that should be taken seriously

Make sure to keep drinking water so you don’t get sick. Typically, there are water refill stations at each festival, but bringing a water bottle is also recommended.

A camelback bottle is highly suggested. Make sure to keep an eye out for the stations so you know exactly where they are.

Tips to Make EDM Festival Experience Plurfect

7.    Discover New Artists

Discovering new artists is a fun feeling. After hearing so many people write the same genre of music, you find that one person you like to listen to.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to have that feeling at the festival.  You probably want to use your money on the expensive ticket you brought seeing the artist you love. But being open minded and allowing yourself to listen to different bands will go a long way.

8.    Try The Food

This  should go without saying, but try the food! Festivals spend a lot of money curating different foods which are usually delicious.

Walk around, explore and test out the food provided. This will not only come in handy when you’re hungry, but it will also help prevent the nasty hangover the next morning!

9.    Bring a Battery PackTips to Make EDM Festival Experience Plurfect

One of the most disappointing things that can happen to you is your phone dying. Especially when you’re at a festival trying take pictures and stay in contact with friends. This could be easily preventable by purchasing a battery pack.

Battery packs are easy to use and extremely convenient. Just make sure your battery pack is charged, that way your phone can be used for a long period of time. (This doesn’t mean you avoid tip number 4!)

10.     Arrive Early

There are two obvious reasons to arrive early. First is to avoid the long wait getting into the festival; with security and bag check, waiting to get into the festival is something that can take forever. Be patient!

The second reason to arrive early is so that you can get a spot close to the stage. There is no experience like seeing a DJ you like up close and personal. The DJ’s energy feeds off of you and you really feel a great connection to the music.

11.     Stay PLUR


In case you aren’t caught up on your EDM “lingo”, don’t worry, I got you covered. “PLUR” stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

A festival is bound to be packed, and people are going to rude. Do your best to avoid any confrontation, and stay PLUR. You don’t want to cross the line and make an embarrassment of yourself.

Think of everyone as one big family coming to together for music. Help anyone around you that needs help and be courteous to one another. Looking out for one another will go a long way.

EDM music festivals are a way of bringing people with the same love of music together. Without it, the genre of EDM will be dead. But being prepared and knowing the ins and outs of the community will be sure to make a PLURfect EDM experience. Recognize that the EDM community is growing, while the amount of people attending the concerts and music being made is accelerating. EDM is also an art. You’ve got to study artists and the emerging trends in order to stay current on the industry. I’m confident that if you can focus on these 11 steps, you’ll be able to make your EDM Experience PLURfect. How do you prepare for an EDM Concert?

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