10 Reasons EDM Is So Successful


EDM is a great success story. Just like every genre of popular music before it EDM has had a great rise to fame. It is continually growing and would not even be considered mainstream yet. But even so here is a list of the ten reasons it is so popular and will continue to rise in popularity.

1. Enthusiasm

EDM has more enthusiasm than any genre before it. The music is louder, it has better visuals, and the DJs get into their sets. It’s powerful and fun when a DJ is having as much fun or even more fun than you playing their music.

2. Dedication

DJ’s have been doing this forever and have committed so much time and effort into a genre that was not really popular a few years ago. They have grown up through their lives sharpening their craft and now that is paying off for them. We will see many people follow their footsteps and try to replicate it.

4. Engagement

If people don’t dance you’re a failure as a DJ or EDM producer. If your event is boring or too expensive people won’t attend. This “preform or fail” reality is what drives every successful artist and company in the EDM industry. If you’re boring or useless, you’ve failed to get the crowd to move.

5. Disrupt

The EDM movement embraced the internet in the late 90s way before anyone else did. This has been paying dividends way before they even thought to sell records or tickets. Radio shows rose to prominence in the 2000s thanks to the internet and Myspace was the biggest catapult of EDM’s rise of popularity. Now Soundcloud, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are catalysts for the EDM movement.

6. Always time to play

Preparing and playing for an event as a DJ, producer, or concert promoter is exhausting. As a result these people relieve their stress the same way their attendees do, having fun. Nothing is better than the staff enjoying the event as well.

7. Experience

There is nothing more exciting than an EDM festival or famous DJ playing. The lights, atmosphere, and the crowd make it the best places at that moment and nothing can beat an EDM experience.

8. The Brand

The brand of EDM has always been evolving and while other music genres were catering to the older generations EDM branded themselves to the younger generation. Now that the younger generation has money we see EDM becoming the mainstream. They did a great job going after the younger generation and sticking with them.

9. It’s easy to pick up

The EDM culture is as easy culture to pick up and adopt. With the internet there is a wealth of information for people to be informed and help spread EDM. From glosticks, attire, to new mixes the EDM culture is very connected and makes it a community that is easy to adopt. Which leads to…

10. Community

EDM has the best community because it’s all about good feelings. A study by ticket fly showed EDM event attendees usually just bought one ticket which means they went by themselves or meet friends at the event. You can enjoy the music with complete strangers and be a part of a community that gets each other and there isn’t much difference between anyone. They (we) all like one thing at that time, the music.

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