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What is an LED Fiber Optic Whip?

An LED Fiber Optic Whip is an advanced flow toy created by attaching multiple strands of fiber optic cabling to an LED powerhouse. The colorful light emitted from the powerhouse then travels to the end point of each fiber strand to create a burst of light. Fiber Optics Whips are commonly used for dancing at raves, EDM festivals, flow arts, and stage performances.

If you’ve ever been to an EDM festival or rave before, chances are you’ve come across someone holding an LED device that covers the user in a shroud of luminescent particles which seem to be alive. It is called a Space Whip, and this one-of-a-kind Fiber Optic Whip toy wouldn’t be possible without the use of fiber optic cables.

A Brief History of Fiber Optics

As technology has advanced, new innovations have been made that facilitate the transfer of electrical information more efficiently. What has come out of this is the invention of a new material that has resulted in the birth of two revolutionary flow toys, the Space Whip and Space Saber. Fiber optic cables are long strands of translucent threads used to carry light across long distances. The light traveling along the cables are able to contain information in the form of electrical signals. The luxuries of long-distance phone calls, television, and internet are all results of implementing fiber optic cable into communication networks.


Advancements in optogenetics, a technique that involves the application of light to treat psychiatric diseases, has brought much attention to fiber optic cables due to its ability to transmit electrical signals to neurons inside the brain. When an LED comes into contact with the cable, light is immediately channeled across the strand, illuminating its entire body. This property has made fiber optic cables popular amongst ravers, as well as home decor enthusiasts.

LED Fiber Optic Space Whips

People have recently found another use for fiber optic cables. With a simple change in the hue of light passing through, they can create a vortex of vibrant colors soaring through the air. This is how they are used in fiber optic Space Whips. Multiple strands of cable are attached by their ends to a light-producing base. The base then shines light in the direction of the cables. Instantly, the light spreads through the Space Whip and suddenly the LED toy becomes a spectacle for everyone in its presence.

GloFX Fiber Optic LED Rave Space Whips

Contrary to its name, a fiber optic whip isn’t meant to be whipped. The most impressive Space Whip visuals come from flow artists entangling themselves in the cables, gently caressing the fibers along their bodies. The base of a Space Whip can have another group of cables protruding from the other side. Similar to a staff, the user can spin them to create entire new universes made of light.

The main purpose of the fiber optic whip is to compliment the flow of the artist who wields it. Space Whips are able to adapt to various ways they are used by flow artists. Each artist has their own personal style, and there is no right or wrong way to use a Space Whip. Space Whips will almost never repeat the same motions simply because of how unpredictable the LED fibers are. It’s a unique blend of chaos and tranquility when watching a flow artist perform with a fiber optic whip.

The Design of Fiber Optic Space Whips

Space Whips have an extremely high level of customization.  Flow artists can select the features the features of their whip by choosing the different options that fall under the following categories of design.


Fiber Type: There are many different styles of fiber that Space Whips can feature.

  • End Glow Fiber maintains a constant level of brightness throughout the strand up until the light reaches the tip.
  • Sparkle Fiber features various points at which the light intensifies, creating an illusion that there are more fibers on the fiber optic whip than there really are.
  • Nano Fiber is thinner than 1.5mm Fiber, allowing more densely packed fiber in each bundle of the Space Whip. Nano Fiber typically has around three times as many fiber strands as typical fiber. While Nano Fiber features smaller points of light than regular fiber, it produces a much larger quantity.

Length: Space Whips can be designed to have different lengths depending on where the fiber is cut, ranging from 2 feet to 8 feet.

Number of Fiber Bundles: Another variable of a Space Whip design is the number of fiber bundles. A fiber bundle is a group of fiber strands that are held in place by a housing. Depending on the type of Space Whip, up to five bundles can be featured on one whip.

Powerhouse Color: The powerhouse is the source of energy for Space Whips. It’s what supplies light throughout the fiber and cycles through the different color modes. GloFX offers Silver and Black Onyx powerhouse colors.

What is an LED Space Saber or Staff?

An LED Space Saber or LED Staff is a device that has harnessed the power of fiber optics in conjunction with an LED powerhouse. The Space Saber’s structure resembles that of a sword.  Instead of a blade the Space Saber features a long narrow tube housing a fiber bundle. Because the light is condensed within the space of the tube, the visual effect is amplified by the combined illuminating power of the strands. The swinging of the Space Saber leaves an extremely vivid trail of light. Similar to the Space Whip, a flow artist can wield two Space Sabers at one time.


Choosing Your Fiber Optics

One way to customize is to choose the thickness of the fiber. Thin fiber allows for different points of brightness along the saber. Thick fiber gives the maximum amount of luminosity but is heavier in weight. It is important to consider this because unless the flow toy can be comfortably used by the artist, the visual effects of it won’t matter. When it comes to flow arts, functionality of the prop is equally important to its aesthetics.


Space Saber Blades

For the more ambidextrous flow artists, you can double your flow by wielding a saber in each hand. This changes the flow dramatically, because an artist must be always conscious about the position of each saber and what they are doing while in flow. At first, your dominant hand might overshadow the saber being held by your weaker hand, but eventually you’ll be able to perform incredible stunts by synchronizing the movements of your sabers.


Fiber Optic Space Saber Staff

Staff artists will be delighted to know that the saber can be turned into a staff. By attaching another saber to the powerhouse, you can create an entirely new way of flowing with it. Of course, the addition of another saber will add twice as much weight, but once you adapt to it, so many new moves become possible.


Space Saber Fiber Optic Poi

With Space Saber Poi, you can swing the sabers by holding a handle that is connected to the housing with a tethered cord, similar to the Fiber Optic Space Whip Poi Set. All the tricks of the poi world are now at your disposal.

Space Sabers are the newest additions to the fiber optic flow toys division. They are a result of extensive research by our product development team after months of observing its applications in the rave culture. Only time will tell what other ways fiber optics can be used to enhance one’s flow and EDM festival experience. There is no question that LED Fiber Optic Whips and Sabers are changing the art of flow.

GloFX Space Saber Chart