Writer and Content Development [Full Time or Part Time]

GloFX is seeking a full or part time writer and content developer  that will help promote GloFX’s online visibility by focusing primarily on creating blog and website posts that describe our products and other interesting topics pertaining to the company. This individual will be expected to be a product specialist, and can communicate the excitement of new product releases through written communication. This position is also expected do other related duties as required.

Job Duties:

  • Updating the GloFX website with written content for each new product listing.
  • Creating and assisting in product description updates on various website platforms
  • Create pertinent material to be posted, so our product marketing stays relevant amongst are customer base.
  • Creating a creative and attractive blog to be posted to our website to attract customers.

This position will be expected to assist with other positions within the company. Content writing and product listing is a vital attribute to the company and can be achieved by working with other staff members to create high quality written content for new product listings. Our company requires all staff members to be highly motivated and willing to help each other with any required duties.

Required Skills

  • Excellent computer skills (Mac OS preferred)
  • Proficient in writing the English language with little to no grammatical errors or misspellings
  • Great people skills and the ability to communicate within a team environment
  • Excellent organization and the ability to pay close attention to detail
  • Ability to work a set schedule
  • Ability to multi-task and assist others in a group environment
  • Ability to lead a team for all blog post and able to achieve post before set deadlines.


Hourly based on experience, with room for growth within the company.