Production/Back of House Manager [Full Time]

& Product Development

The Production Manager will be the lead coordinator of all incoming and outgoing shipments. This individual will lead the production crew and be responsible for shipping all orders on time and in high quality. This person will also be hands on in the building process them self. The workers build products, assemble, package, and quality check all products. The production manager’s duty will be to maintain consistency and efficiently at all times. He/she will work with the other departments to coordinate orders, production times, and production schedules. This person may also organize employee scheduling and be responsible for maintaining a clean and organized work environment. The production manager will also be responsible for learning the processes and procedures of building all products. He/she will be a production worker themselves for a period of time to learn all aspects of the production area.

We base our Production on two core values: Quality & Speed. Without quality, speed does not matter. Without speed, quality does not matter. The production manager must ensure that all workers are producing to these two standard and that deadlines are met, and nothing but high quality products leave our facility.

A goal of this position will be to constantly increase efficiency and create new systems to help with speed and organization. Then, to document and implement the systems. He/she will also train new employees and teach them the systems of our company. Worker or product quality issues will be addressed to the higher ups and then handled by this individual.

After thorough learning and understanding of all products, this position will also include the research, design, and development of new products.

About you:

You are an energetic and motivated leader experienced in the EDM industry with a proven track record of leading a team and lean manufacturing. You have hands on experience in guiding business growth and development in the ecommerce industry. Your natural entrepreneurial mind drives you to research, analyze, and prove-out new concepts. You love working with a team and motivating those around you to succeed. You are a critical thinker with an eye for outperforming the competition and you know the value of efficient production, prioritization of workloads, and product consistency. In your past, you have had hands on experience with ecommerce, manufacturing, and management. 

About the Job:

GloFX is looking for a new Production Manager to direct the day to day operations of the company. The position will be full time in our production warehouse / offices in Tallahassee, Florida.


  • Manage our production department and crew.
  • Continuously be accountable to answer the question of: “What’s the next big step of growth for our company”?
  • Be a champion at inspiring and motivating those around you.
  • Identify new materials and processes that can increase the speed and efficiency of production.
  • Monitor and evaluate industry trends, business trends, and technology trends and organize them into opportunities.
  • Oversee and provide direction for our in house production team.
  • Build relationships within the company that ensure function is closely tied to the objectives of each department.
  • Lead projects that require deep strategic thinking and execution.
  • Set the standard for the team by leading by example in the following areas: attitude, maturity, productivity, collaboration, efficiency, speed, prioritization, and communication.
  • Manage projects, plan and conduct meetings and presentations, and support company objectives.
  • Create development plans and performance management structure for direct reports.
  • Solve work overloads and bottlenecks in category departments.
  • Foresee and suggest new employment opportunities and job positions within the company.
  • Lead all inventory processes.
  • Outline plans and execute hiring and training.
  • Oversee function workload, project assignments, and deliverables.

 Oversee Category Departments:

  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Product Development
  • Sourcing
  • Research and Design

Requirements & Qualifications


  • Self-starter, able to succeed in a fluid and fast-paced work environment
  • Fearless – have courage to drive change
  • Amazing motivation and ambition
  • Efficiency and time management
  • Management skills
  • Organization skills and Attention to detail
  • Success driven and system based thought process


  • Must have hands on experience in ecommerce
  • Must have hands on experience in business development
  • Must have experience implementing industry advancing technology


  • Business
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Internet Technologies
  • Digital Marketing / PPC
  • Analytical and Critical Thinker
  • Project Management
  • Understanding of analytic and reporting tools.
  • Good verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.
    Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to lead a team to accomplish goals
  • Ability to effectively collaborate with all levels within the company 


  • Be authentic
  • Innovative
  • Continually strive for improvement
  • Prioritize activities that have the biggest impact
  • Be responsive and go the extra mile
  • Act with a sense of urgency
  • No one succeeds alone


  • Negotiable Hourly
  • Immediate Rom for Growth with Salary Options
  • Paid Vacation